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Hello Geographers!

ELECTIONS HAVE BEGUN! Also check out our end of year party, and much more!








  1. MUGS Elections!
  2. End of Year Party (CONFIRMED)!
  3. MUGS Sweater pick up!
  4. African Field Studies Info Session
  5. Compost in the MUGS Lounge
  6. Mildy Interesting Map of the Week
  7. Cool Thing of the Week



1. MUGS Elections!

Elections have now begun! Check out our very legitimate online election link which is miles ahead the French government (which this year opted for non-electronic voting... however that's a rant for another time). 

The link is here.

So once you click on that link, you'll be prompted to sign in to confirm your identity as a true and current undergraduate geographer. From there on pick your desired MUGS representatives or the (slightly brutal) 'no' option, which I can only imagine counts as negative votes...? I'm not a politician, we'll see how this works. 

Please vote though, and we look forward to seeing the results soon :) 
P.S. for president there are two options, you can vote for both. they'll both be elected unless you vote no on one or both, which would result in anarchy and general chaos. Please don't do this.



2. Points, Lines, and Pylons: A Raster Disaster Brought to you by MUGS & the City of Montréal

It might be a bit of a mouthful, though it's our end of year party!! 
So check out the event description below and check out our Facebook event page :)

                           ~~~~CHERS PIETONS!~~~~

As the year winds to an end and some of our geographers are graduating, we can only really appreciate the permanence in knowledge, and Montreal Construction *badum-tss*

Anyways, come join us for some beverages, 'zza, and more (though not much more) this FRIDAY (9PM--> etc. AM) at 3668 DuRocher. 

No tickets required, though bonus points if you come in your finest construction attire (meaning pink camo pants and cowboy hats in this beautiful though odd city). 

Don't fall in a pothole on the way, and hope to see you there :)





3. Sweater pickup

There are some fine MUGS Sweaters in the lounge for those who have ordered/paid for them! We'll be tabling in the lounge Wednesday from 3-4pm to bestow them upon the (soon-to-be) most fashionable people in the GIC :) 
*If you can't make this time, let me know through email and we can find another time to meet.



4. African Fieldstudies Info Session

Unfortunately don't have anymore information on this, though this Thursday (April 6th) at 5:30pm in BURN426, is the Canadian Field Studies in Africa (CFSIA) info session! If this interests you, be sure to attend! 



5. Compost in the MUGS Lounge

The compost bin is finally back the MUGS lounge (!!!) thanks to a pilot-project in conjunction with the Environmental Residence Council. You'll find the bin on the counter next to the sink and we'll put a sign to remind you what you can and cannot compost (apparently hair's ok, if anybody was planning on opening a barbershop in the lounge). It's really important to keep the compost free of those non-compostable materials so the compost can actually be used! 

We'll be emptying the bins every 2-3 days. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. Happy composting! - MUGS 



6. Mildly Interesting Map of the Week

More Hydrology (yes I just registered for 322 and am trying to get in the hydro-mood). 
Though what a mildly interesting map on Australia's principal river basin! Really puts across the point of the center of Australia being an extremely dry ecosystem. Click on the image for an HD version.





7. Cool Thing of the Week

Below is the result of 30 people drawing the world map by memory, and overlaying them. Pretty cool idea, and would be cool to see if we could do better in our Geography cohort! R.I.P New Zealand who's oddly left out of a lot of these kinds of maps :'(





And there you have it, 

Don't forget to vote in our MUGS elections, and to register for another great year with some geography courses! See you guys at the party this friday :)

Noé Schultz
VP Communications
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society 

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