About MUGS

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MUGS stands for McGill Undergraduate Geography Society.  As a Geography student, be it a Major, Minor, Honours, or Urban Systems student, you are considered a part of our tight knit MUGS community. This means you are invited to all MUGS events and exec meeting, to have your say in any undergraduate-related decision happening in the department. There is also an executive, which consists of students, elected by all MUGS members, who are tasked with many things throughout the year, including planning events, liaising with the department and other departmental groups, keeping the lounge clean and tidy, and more!  Read more about the execs below.

It is up to you to get as involved as you want, although checking this blog/reading the listserv regularly will help with that!  Come on out to events or hang out in the lounge (Burnside room 305), where we have couches, a fridge, sink, kettle, and so much more! Executive meetings are also held in the lounge, where we discuss upcoming events and happenings in the department.

MUGS also has links to the department, so we are the perfect correspondents between you and what is happening in your degree!  Let us know if you have questions or concerns, or if there is anything at all!  We sit in on departmental meetings, as well as the Undergraduate Affairs Committee, faculty Academic Committee meetings, and GIC meetings so there is a real opportunity to have your voice heard!

Welcome to MUGS!