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Hello, Geographers, 

I know I missed last week (midterms stress amirite?) though giving you an exclusive double issue this week of what's going on at MUGS this week!










  1. Apartments Needed!
  2. Call for GIS Day Posters
  3. ArcMap & ENVI Tutorials
  4. Geography/Env Ski Trip
  5. Field Note Editors Needed
  6. Pre-Law  Review Submissions
  7. Food Systems Venture Lead
  8. Pre-law review  
  9. UNFCC COP22
  10. Cool Thing of the Week
  11. Mildly Interesting Thing of the Week



1. Apartments needed for the crawl

Again, making a call to arms for apartments that could become a stop on our wondrous apartment crawl (coming soon!). Those volunteering their apartments will receive free tickets for them (and their roommates). So email us to let us know if you could be of service :)



2. G.I.S Day Posters  

It is our pleasure to invite you to our GIS Day on November 16, 2016 in the Geographic Information Center (Burnside Hall). As we are planning our Symposium and Poster session (max. 16 posters), we would like to invite all interested McGill students to present their GIS and/or Remote Sensing research as a poster. The poster session will be held in the GIC (5th floor Burnside Hall) on 16th November 17:00 to 19:00 and will be accompanied by a Wine and Cheese event. There will be prizes for first, second and third places for best poster presentations.
In order to submit an application, students can send an email to gicsupport@mcgill.ca with the subject "GIS Day Poster". In the body of the email please write the name of the contributor(s), the title of the project and a max. 150 words abstract. If there are more than 16 applications, we will form a committee to select the best proposals.
The deadline for applying is October 21st, 2016. For those accepted to present a poster, we will print your poster for free at a maximum size of 3 x 4 feet (we can't handle larger poster sizes).

The GIC and Geography undergraduate and graduate students are planning an entire day of activity which include invited speakers, open sessions, games, posters and wine and cheese. We will send out a detailed schedule of our plans for GIS Day in the coming weeks.
The important dates for poster presentation are as follows:
October 21st: Send e-mail to gicsupport@mcgill.ca with the name of the contributors, title of the project and a max. 150 words abstract in the body of the email and "GIS Day Poster" as the subject.
October 28th: Notification of acceptance for poster presentation.
November 10th: Last Day to send in accepted poster to gicsupport@mcgill.ca for free printing.
We are looking forward to seeing our GIS and Remote Sensing community actively taking part in this annual event.




3. ArcMap & ENVI Workshops

ENVI-ous of some of the GIS skills you may be missing out on? Don't take an ArcNAP and  be left out! the GIC is hosting more ArcMap and ENVI workshops to help you grow as a geographer, and add some quality skills to your CV / impress people at parties. 
Fill out the polls below to state when you're free, and the workshops will be tailored around when's convenient for you! (The GIC G-I-Cares about you that way). 

Getting started with ArcGIS: http://doodle.com/poll/mqpvyrpm56nk3qkv
Getting started with ENVI: http://doodle.com/poll/ns4s5i6nundv4r6z



4. Geography Ski trip

https://gallery.mailchimp.com/c1711d5c3a8fc69343847d69b/images/e7ac7224-ae11-4201-8b65-a3fa272eb4c0.jpgKeen to hit the slopes this winter with some G-I-Compatriots? We are! Come along to glide down the slopes while marveling at the geomorphological processes that went into forming Mont-Sait-Anne, and get to know more Geography & Environment students in a relaxed après ski setting. 

So check out the poster entailing all cost and other information as well as the itinerary for this great outdoors weekend.



5. Field Notes Editors

https://gallery.mailchimp.com/c1711d5c3a8fc69343847d69b/images/804e366a-0045-4a17-8514-20a97d04066f.jpgI've highlighted these two open positions in the last listserv, though here's the reminder for them again (really a great thing to be a part of and put on your CV). And also the previous deadline has been extended two weeks to the 9th of Nov.. Here's the blurb describing the responsibilities of editors again:

"Field Notes editors will act on a small team to select essays that fit in the yearly journal theme. The editors will be responsible for reviewing and editing undergraduate essays, while the Editor In Chief will act as an operations manager to ensure smooth printing, secure funds, and arrangement of release party."



6. Pre-Law Review Submissions

The McGill Pre-Law Review would like to announce a CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for the 2016-17 journal, in affiliation with the McGill Pre-Law Students' Society. The Review is in search of academic papers from undergraduate students on any and all topics pertaining to law, from any field of study. The article can be any length, but it must have received a minimum of an A- in the class for which it was written. Please submit your entry to editorinchief@mcgillprelaw.ca. The deadline is October 28th, 2016.



7. Food Systems Venture Lead

Are you passionate about sustainable food systems in Montreal? Engineers Without Borders McGill is looking for a Food Systems Venture Lead. Engineers Without Borders is a Canadian NGO that creates systemic change and raises awareness in the community through university chapters across Canada. The Food Systems Venture associated with EWB McGill undertakes projects to improve the food consumption and education needs of McGill and Montreal. We are looking for someone who understands the many aspects of food production, distribution, and consumption. EWB is composed of students from all faculties therefor you do not need to be an engineer to apply. This is an opportunity to develop your interests in food systems and work to affect real change in the Montreal Community under an established organization. Read the application form for more info.
The deadline to submit your application is October 28th.




Following the success of last year's simulation of COP21, we would like to invite you to join us the 5th of November at La Maison du Développement Durable for a simulation of COP22 Marrakech. Our goal is to educate participants about the difficulties surrounding these negotiations while addressing the science underlying climate change. Our simulation will consist of a full day of negotiations in which participants will be invited to embody one of the many parties participating and take part in the dynamic coalition that make up the COP. To register or for more information, please consult our website www.munf3c.com and don't hesitate to get in touch to ask any questions you may have.



9. Cool Thing of the Week

At the moment, there is the Habitat III conference in Quito, which is the UN conference of Sustainable Urban Development, where city planners from far and wide (including our very own Sarah Moser!) join to talk about how to implement the new urban agenda in cities.





10. Mildly Interesting Map of the Week

Recently discovered this new artist Matthew Cusick who makes artwork out of old map cuttings! Where art meets geography. 




And there you have it, 

Hope you're all coping with stress in healthy ways, and that you  have a great week ahead of you :)

Noé Schultz
VP Communications
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society 



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ENVI Workshop Today 3-5

Hey Geographers,

The GIC is putting on an ENVI (remote sensing) workshop today in BH511. The workshop will be similar to the ArcGIS ones where the nitty-gritties of ENVI as a software will be covered so as to make analysis of remotely sensed images easier. 

Here's the link!

If you're looking to up your skills (and maybe pad your resume a bit...) this workshop is not to be missed!

Happy mapping! 

MUGS Thanksgiving Listserv!



Happy Thanksgiving Geographers! 

Wishing you all a merry turkey-day (nailed it) and hope you enjoy this weeks listserv along with all these fun filled events!











  1. Gerts Night!
  2. Apple Picking / MUGS mugs sale
  3. Mentorship Program
  4. Filed Note Editors Needed!
  5. Crawlable(?) Apartments Needed!
  6. MUGS Lounge Clean-up
  7. Women's Advocacy Group
  8. Cool Thing of the Week
  9. Mildly Interesting Map of the Week



1. Unofficial Trivia @ Gerts!

Come by next Tuesday (Oct.11) from 8 - 11pm after a stomach full of turkey/tofurky(?) and fill
your mind with trivial Geography facts for our Gerts Trivia night!

So come by to see your execs and fellow geographers in a different (I literally don't recognize some of you without the GIC/Burnside-basement glow).

Check out our cool Facebook event for more info, and hope to see many of you there :)



2. Apple Picking / MUGS mugs

https://gallery.mailchimp.com/c1711d5c3a8fc69343847d69b/images/3108d442-4490-49a5-adac-ba4803745c33.jpg  Apple picking, who knew it would be the event of the year. Seeing as Apples are "In" this year, and we have limited seating on the bus, if you come to our tabling hours

(2 - 6pm thursday/tomorrow, 12 - 2pm Friday) in the GIC and an exec says there're no more tickets, check out the 211 bus departing from Lionel Groulx (it'll be longer, though you could still attend the event!).

Also MUGS mugs will be on sale at these tabling hours! Here's some new wave technology that explains the mugs better than I could in words (A MUGS Mug that spells MUGS in mugs....*Phew*)



3. Mentorship 

The Deadlines have been extended! So, promoting (like last week) the splendid peer mentorship program, which will be more diverse than ever, and include not only Geography mentees, though even Urban Planners, etc.! Click here to sign up and for any further questions contact us on our webpage, or email us.



4. Field Notes Editors Needed!

Want to get more involved and learn more about the brilliant essays written by fellow undergrads? Here's a summary from our current field notes editor about the two open positions and what they do:

"Field Notes editors will act on a small team to select essays that fit in the yearly journal theme. The editors will be responsible for reviewing and editing undergraduate essays, while the Editor In Chief will act as an operations manager to ensure smooth printing, secure funds, and arrangement of release party."

Applications due by Oct. 23rd

General Editor Position Requirements include: a CV and a short (1-2pg) writing sample

Editor in Chief Position requirements include: a CV and a short (1-2pg) writing sample and a cover page explaining why they're keen on being the Editor in chief (asides from the obviously cool "commander-in-chief-esque" title).



5. Crawlable(?) Apartments Needed


The infamous Geography Apartment Crawl is in the works of becoming a reality! Without disclosing too much, we need your help to get there. If you believe your apartment's not too far (we're geographers, though even Columbus couldn't find India... and no one wants to be in Laval at 2am), and spacious enough to accommodate a bunch of us, please email us  and give us some details to become part of this wondrous event!



6. MUGS Lounge Clean Up

So, if you didn't realize your Execs have cleaned up the MUGS lounge last weekend! We've cleaned up myriad of wondrous (and not-so-wondrous) things which we've piled elegantly on a table in the MUGS lounge (except for a pack of lube... which we threw out... we're sorry(?) to whoever this is). Please take what is yours in the very new future, or it will be thrown out / claimed by dumpster-diving MUGS execs.



7. Women's Health Advocacy Group McGill

Plugging another important McGill Group, check it out!

"The McGill Women's Health Advocacy Club is currently recruiting new members! If you are interested in the health issues affecting roughly half the world's population, or passionate about the various ways in which women's health issues intersect with other aspects of their lives, then check out their Facebook page  and inquire about their new club."



8. Cool Thing of the Week!

It's not Geography related, it's not even from this year. it's just thanksgiving themed, and an old alumni who's taken some geog courses lookin cute with his family in a fall/thanksgiving scenario... it's been a busy week...



9. Mildly Interesting Map of the Week

It's a U.S. map, though it's in the spirit of Thanksgiving and is a pretty intense stat (Sentient Turkey revolution anyone?) This image isn't the prettiest, though check out Esri's interactive story-map  for a better view and additional maps on thanksgiving staples and where they're from (in the U.S.).



There you have it. 

MUGS is thankful this year to have such a great Geography community (<3), and we hope you have a great feast and enjoy a well deserved break (well, one extra day... it's the thought that counts).


Noé Schultz 
VP Communications
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society 



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