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Hello Geographers!

The field notes launch party and honours poster session are tomorrow.
Apart from that, some other information bellow:
*yes, we're keen for you to go. and enjoy free food and knowledge*





  1. MUGS Elections!
  2. Fieldnotes Journal Launch Party &
    Honours Poster Session
  3. End of Year Party!
  4. Fair Trade Party
  5. Mercury Evaluations
  6. Mildy Interesting Map of the Week
  7. Cool Thing of the Week



1. MUGS Elections!

We have received your nominations! 
Thank you so much to those who have applied, and best of luck for the elections which will be held on the most public forum: The internet (*yikes*) from the 4th to the 7th of April.

Also an important note:
We still need a U2 rep. because on one is currently running for that position for next year. If you're in U1 and looking to be more involved in your department, we'll extend the voting period for you until the 3rd of April (a day before we go live on the internet). 

So go for it, it'll be a great time, and good luck to all those running!



2. Field Notes Journal Launch Party & Honours Poster Session (Tomorrow)

The fieldnotes journal launch party is tomorrow! And what's more, is the honours poster session before it from 1-4pm in room 308. This is where our honourable honours students present their wide array of research topics in poster form (duh) and can answer your questions on their now specialist field. And get this... more snacks! You'll be fed for the day! 

Though don't fill up too much as remember that from 4:30-6pm we'll have our fieldnotes launch party!

In addition to supporting your fellow geog cohort or basking in the glory of your own submitted paper, there will also be Indian food!!
(*Important to mention this implies more variety than Samosas for you foodies out there*)

Be sure to check it out, and look at the facebook event for more info!



3. End of Year Party

The MUGS infamous end of year party is just around the (TBD) corner people! I personally can't think of a better time than a night out in a cozy apartment with my best and soon to be best geographer buds. Did I say cozy apartment?

*insert smooth segue*

We actually still need a venue for the event, and would love it if someone in the department (preferably with an apartment that can fit a horde of geographers in it) could volunteer their apartment for the night. They will be forever recognized as the saviour of the end of year party, and be rewarded in good vibes and an enthusiastic (though probably tired) MUGS house cleaning service. 

Please email us, send us a message on facebook, or casually slide into our dms on instagram. Whatever floats your goat. 
Thank you!



4. Fair Trade Week

Party Party Party this week eh?
McGill has been awarded Canada's Fair Trade Campus of the Year! To celebrate this incredible accomplishment, Fair Trade week is kicking off with a ~PaRtY~ on April 4th in the RVC Lobby from 12-2pm. There's gonna be free coffee, tea, chocolate, and ice cream! There will also be information booths to learn more about fair trade at McGill, and opportunities to enter a raffle for a basket with more fair trade goodies! If that's not enough, students will be tabling around campus from April 5th-7th with more free samples, information, and chances to win a raffle basket. See you there!
Check out the facebook event here!



5. Mercury Evaluations them. I've said it before, your profs definitely have too, though in the wise words of Labeouf a et al 2015, Just do it! It helps proffs advance in their careers, understand why they might have seen you drooling in the back row of class, and generally how to better themselves and subsequently the future generations of students that come out of McGill. 

So if you don't know how to do them, you:

  1. Go to Mnerva (down the rabbit hole you go)
  2. Attempt to log-in, only to remember you had to change your password.
  3. Go to the 'student menu' tab
  4. Scroll down to 'Mercury Online Course Evaluation Window'
  5. Just do it.

Lets make geography courses the ones with the most complete Mercury Evals!



6. Mildly Interesting Map of the Week

I never really understood states with right angles (lookin' at you Colorado...) though what makes more sense to me is this map of what the western states of the U.S. would look like if watersheds and the ecosystem were taken into account! Pretty nifty interpretation.



7. Cool Thing of the Week

As elections are coming up, and my remaining listservs are shrinking thought i'd be a little conceited and post one of my own creations for the cool thing of the week this week. If anyone wants to make more started packs for other intro level courses, I feel it'd be a fun thing to distribute to first years to let them know what they're getting into haha, just a thought. Email them to me, I live for this kinda stuff.



And there you have it, 

We'll be posting more about elections soon, though if you're a vaguely interested U1 currently... run for office! Otherwise, hope everyone goes to fieldnotes tomorrow as it's going to be a great time with some yummy food.

Noé Schultz
VP Communications
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society 

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