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Hey Geographers!

I hope you're all having a great summer! Almost ready to get back into the school swing? Well, I hope so, because MUGS needs your help! SUS is creating a course calendar for students, and we need YOU to help out by submitting course reviews! SUS is hoping to have reviews for as many Geography courses as possible, and will then provide comprehensive lists of all courses offered by science departments at McGill, including reviews, syllabi, and other helpful material. Even if you're not in science, you can still help too, and can even benefit from the geography listings in the calendar.

SO PLEASE HELP US OUT!!! If you are interested in submitting a review, please email mcgillgeography@gmail.com<mailto:mcgillgeography@gmail.com> and let us know which class(es) you can write a review for. It won't take too long, and will help out not only future students but current ones too!

Thanks so much for your help geographers, be seeing you in Burnside Hall in a few weeks!
MUGS Co-Prez

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