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Welcome back to classes and studying (ie Burnside)! I hope it's going well so far, and that you're anticipating an awesome year, because we sure are!
Out first coffee and cookies, as well as our "Back to School" pizza party and book swap will be announced very shortly, so stay tuned!! Keep an eye out for this listserv and on this website for dates and times: http://mcgillgeography.blogspot.com/.

ALSO regarding lockers, we have had lots of requests for rentals. IF YOU ALREADY OWN A LOCKER, and wish to renew, please come to Burnside Hall rm 305 on between September 6-16th, from 11-1 (not including weekends). AFTER THIS TIME, we will be renting out lockers to anyone.

Any questions, shoot us an email at mcgillgeography@gmail.com<mailto:mcgillgeography@gmail.com>


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