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Hellooo Geographers!

It's spring! The sun is shining! Forget your massive workloads for a little bit and go outside!
Or better yet, read this:

i) Want to see some sweet pictures from your fellow classmates? Our annual photo contest
is now underway! Check out the submissions at http://mugsphotocontest.wordpress.com/
and cast your vote to mcgillgeography@gmail.com! Please put "photo contest" in the
subject line of your vote. Voting ends next Wednesday March 30th. Regardless, this is
mostly just an excuse for the sharing of wicked geography-related pictures, so go

ii) Professor of the year nominations are in! Ten profs have been nominated for their
hard work- and we want to show our appreciation! They are Profs:
Lea Berang-Ford
Navin Ramakutty
Sebastien Breau
Wayner Pollard
Geraldine Akman
Nataile Oswin
Meaghan Murphy
James Ford
Margaret Kalacska
Jeanine Rhemtulla
Voting is also open until next Wednesday, March 30th- email mcgillgeography
and put "prof" as the subject line. Vote, people!

iii) Pizza Party!(yes!) Next Thursday March 31st, come to our year-end geography pizza
party in the lounge. The event starts at 4pm, so take a break from your hectic
schedule for some good food and even better company!

iv) I am pleased to announce that the annual Honours Poster Presentation session will
take place from 10 AM to 5 PM on Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1 in room 308.
All posters will be up by Thursday morning and students will be in the room to
present their work at various times on each day. We have a very large group this
year (approximately 17 presenters), so it should make for a lively session. Hope to
see you all there at some point on one or more of the days.
Prof. Forest

v) On behalf of Professor Thom Meredith: An information session for the 2012 Barbados
Reading Week course will be held this Friday, March 25, in BH 426 at 3 PM. Geography
students may require a field course for their program. This is a great one! If you
are interested, please come along to the meeting, or, if you cannot make it to the
meeting, please send an email to Thomas.meredith@mcgill.ca with "BARBADOS" in the
subject line and information about your program and year.

That's it for now! Stay happy!



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