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Hello Geographers! Quick updates:

i) Tons of you came out to our annual wine and cheese last night! Thanks for making it such a
successful event! Geographers rock!

ii) SOLD OUT: tickets for the sugar shack are sold out as of yesterday afternoon! There will be
no more office hours today. If you missed your chance this year, make sure you get your
tickets early next year! Those of you who are attending, meet at the roddick gates at 5:45,
bus leaves at 6 sharp.

iii) Oops! I forgot to add in the contact info for the Uganda internship in Wednesday night's
listserv. If you're interested, contact Kaia Tombak at kaia.tombak@mail.mcgill.ca

iv) Deadlines are today for submitting prof of the year nominations and photo contest submissions.
Both can be sent to mcgillgeography@gmail.com

v) Field assistant needed: for the summer to help with data as a part of my master's thesis
research, looking at the effect of past and present landscape configuration on present-day
plant diversity in ancient forest patches in the Vallée-Du-Richelieu MRC (Montérégie).
Applicants for this field assistant position have to meet specific requirements: Preferably,
the candidate will be at least 21 years old, holding a valid drivers license for 1+ years.
Candidate must also have experience in plant identification, and ideally has taken the course
BIOL 240: Monteregian Flora. Field assistant will help with measuring species richness as
well as species frequencies within each plot, in addition to local environment measures such
as slope and soil characteristics. If you are interested in this field assistant position
for the summer 2011, please send me your resume. Don't hesitate if you have any questions
regarding this job offer! Contact Martine Larouche (Master's candidate in Geography) at

vi) BARBADOS FIELD STUDY (GEOG 496): We all have to do a field study, why not make it a totally
awesome/memorable one in Barbados. Relevant to both Arts and Science, this field course is
only offered every second year and takes place next reading week. Interested? Come to a
info session FRIDAY MARCH 25 at 3PM in BURNSIDE 426.

Have a wonderful weekend you wonderful people!



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