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Hello Geographers!
Buckle up- this edition is good and long (but obviously awesome).. READ IT :)

i) ELECTIONS! We have two candidates running for our AUS representative position on the MUGS council next year: Malcolm Araos Egan and Stefan Chen. The AUS Representative reps MUGS to the Arts Undergraduate Society meetings, and relays information back to the council. They will head up interdepartmental communication and coordinate efforts with other Arts departments.
Campaigning begins TODAY and runs until Wednesday, please disregard anything done prior to this. As geographers, you have a say in who your representative will be, so check it out: read their blurbs at the end of this email, check out their posters around Burnside, and then vote for your preferred candidate at mcgillgeography@gmail.com (with "vote" in the subject line). Voting ends next Wednesday April 6th.

ii) HONOURS PRESENTATIONS: From 10 AM to 5 PM on Thursday March 31 and Friday April 1 in room 308, come check out what your fellow students have been up to!
In response to popular demand, I have attached the schedule for the Honours Poster Presentations. As we have such a large group, students will be in room 308 at different times on Thursday and Friday to present their posters. All posters should be up and available for viewing as of 10 AM Thursday. If you are interested in a particular research project, it would be best to contact the student directly to make sure they will be there when you stop by.

iii) SUSTAINABLE FOOD TALK: The PGSS environment committee is proud to present another Green Drinks Montreal event TOMORROW Tuesday, March 29 in the Thomson House restaurant. There will be a mix starting at 5 PM, followed at 6 PM by a presentation by Laura Rhodes who is Food Systems Administrator in the McGill Food and Dining Services unit. She will talk on "Seeding Sustainable Food Systems." Her presentation will be followed by a World Cafe Style Discussion.

iv) PHOTO CONTEST/PROF OF YEAR: voting ends this Wednesday, email your votes to mcgillgeography@gmail.com with either "prof" or "photo contest" in the subject line. The photos can be found at http://mugsphotocontest.wordpress.com/. The winners will be announced at our end of year pizza party this Thursday at 4pm in the lounge.

v) CLOTHING: If you ordered geography clothing- it has arrived!! We will be holding office hours for pickup tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday from 12:30-2:30 in the lounge, and Thursday at the pizza party from 4pm onwards. There has been a small glitch in some of the orders, so please verify yours when you pick up.

vi) ACTION H2O: Are you interested in water issues? Do you want to be part of a focussed campaign team with a clear plan to tackle water conservation on the Island of Montreal? If you have time and enthusiasm why not join the Action H2O Montreal Campaign! This Sierra Club Canada / POLIS campaign aims to improve water conservation by working with municipalities and the City of Montreal to encourage strategic change, above and beyond individualistic actions. Even if you don't have time to spend on the campaign, you can help by showing your support in a number of ways:
The campaign is gathering momentum – we were on the radio on World Water Day. Listen to the interview at http://www.cbc.ca/homerun/2011/03/22/world-water-day/
Our public website: http://actionh2o.ca/
Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ActionH2O/102870449748286 - please "like" us to show your support!
If you would like to get involved in delivering the campaign please contact Catherine catherine.hallmich@gmail.com (research) or Joanna at joanna.eyquem@gmail.com (partnerships/publication). We are most in need of people to assist with the research at the moment! Thank you!

That's it for now (don't forget to read the election blurbs below!)
Boogie woogie!


AUS rep blurbs:

Malcolm Araos Egan:
My name is Malcolm and I want to be your next AUS representative! I'm a U1 student majoring in urban systems and minoring in political science. I find my joy in aimless walks around Montreal and looking at old maps. But I know you probably don't want to read a whole bunch of stuff about me, so just know that my goal as AUS rep is to deliver the clear voices of geographers to the faculty and to give our department its due weight in arts government. I aim to make sure that everyone in the department stays informed about any and all developments occurring within the faculty's government. As an opinionated and strong debater I believe I'm the natural fit for this position; you can trust me to fight hard to the issues important to you. Vote for me to effectively represent our department!

Stefan Chen:
Dear fellow Geographers, my name is Stefan Chen - Your candidate for AUS Representative. I'm a typical geography nut who has a passion for hiking, playing Pooh-sticks, geocaching & student welfare. Being the incumbent U1 Representative, I've acquired better understanding of student politics & needs of fellow Geographers like you. I believe, by becoming your AUS Representative, I'll be in better position to accomplish more & serve your interests better next year. As a participant of high-school trivia & debate club, I've developed invaluable skill of public speaking & tact. My working experience as a lifeguard has enabled me to develop an aptitude of excelling under pressure. I am a man of my word, dedication & action - I get things done before it needs to be done. I, Stefan Chen, will strive to uphold the grand tradition of Geography being the BEST department. To endless possibilities; vote for me to be your voice at AUS.

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