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Hello Geographers!

This is a seriously good time for great events- take a look!

i) WINE & CHEESE! yes folks, for real this time! Join us nest THURSDAY MARCH 17th (yes,
St. Patty's day) from 5:15 to 7:15 in Burnside 426 for this awesome annual event. This is
a great opportunity to get to know both your fellow geographers and your profs! And what's
better than wine, cheese, and geographers?? NOTHING. So be there.

ii) SUGAR SHACK is heeeere! Mark off MARCH 18th in your calendars, people, for one of the best
events all year. We will get bused out to the middle of nowhere (at least in my mind), where
conveniently, there lies a sugar shack full of awesomeness! Join us for a night full of great
Quebec food, tons of maplpe syrup, wagon rides, dancing, and general mind-blowing greatness.
Tickets will be sold next week, prices and office hours will be announdced asap. Get pumped!

iii) Interested in what MUGS is all about? Want to get involved with what matters to you in your
faculty? Nominate yourself for MUGS next year! The closing date for nominations is next friday
MARCH 11th. Ask an exec, or come by the lounge and pick up a form. Get involved!

iv) Congratulations to Meg Hartel for winning the candy count from the Winter Challenge! Come find
an exec and we will give you your prize!!

v) FIRST YEAR WORKSHOP: MONDAY MARCH 7 2:30-5!! Are you looking for an apartment? Trying to figure
out your major? Still have no idea where to find a doctor on campus? Looking to get involved next
year? Come check out the AUS' first-ever 'First-Year Workshop' where you can access answers to
all of your McGill-related questions and more to help you make an easy transition to second year.
Stop by the Lev Bukhman room (located in the Shatner Building) on Monday March 7 between 2:30
and 5 to check out everything the AUS and McGill have to offer you!

vi) Interested in Geography FIELD COURSES? Come to the info session for GEOG 495 (Mt St. Hilaire)
and as GEOG 499 (Subarctic)! MONDAY MARCH 7th at 4:00 pm in Burnside 426. Deadlines for applications
are March 15 (GEOG 495) and April 5 (GEOG 499). Application forms can be picked up at Burnside Hall,
Room 705, please see Carly Gips.

vii) Interested in Urban Planning? The Gewurz lecture series in Urban Design is going on now!
The Olson lecture is on Thursday March 10 at 6:00 p.m. in MDHAR G10. "Landscape Architecture
& Urbanism: A Question of Scale". And the Olson workshop is on Friday March 11: "Understanding
and Designing the Regional Landscape". All events are free, check out the attachments above!

viii) The National Integrative Research Conference (NiRC) will take place on Friday March 11th here
at McGill. Created by students in the B.A. & Sc. program, NiRC is a conference that will
involve the integration of the arts and the sciences through research projects conducted by
undergraduate students from across North America. The conference will involve keynote speeches
by dynamic McGill professors including Ian Gold, Ariel Fenster, and Hans Larsson. We will
also be holding a wine and cheese! Check out our website[http://www.nircmcgill.com/] or to search
for us on Facebook [http://www.facebook.com/pages/NiRC/171589392854029]. For any general
inquiries, contact chair@nircmcgill.com . We hope to see you at the conference!

That's it for now!



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