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Hello Geographers!

A few quick reminders and a couple of new events to take a look at:

i) Today is the last day of voting in the SSMU elections! If you haven't voted yet, go to
ovs.ssmu.mcgill.ca now. It only takes 2 minutes, so go give some input on our student gov-
ernment and where your money goes! Voting closes at 5:00pm, and the results will be
announced at 5:30pm in Gerts. If you have any questions please emailelections@ssmu.mcgill.ca

ii) Reminder that today is the last day to hand in nomination forms for MUGS next year! If
you want a last minute form today, drop by the lounge or email mcgillgeography@gmail.com

iii) Sugar shack next Friday March 18th!! We will be selling tickets to this great event all
next week in the lounge from 12:30 until 2:30. Tickets are $15 for geographers and $22
for non-geogs. This is an event you do NOT want to miss!

iv) Reminder that our annual Wine and Cheese is March 17th!! Join us next Thursday from 5:15 to
7:15 for some drinks, yummy food, and good company! Both students and Profs will be there,
all geographers are welcome!

v) Taken any sweet geography photos lately?? Our annual photo contest will be happening next
week! Whether you got a great shot from your backyard or a wicked pic from some far-away
place, submit it to the photo contest! Send your pic to mcgillgeography@gmail.com with a quick
title and where it was taken. Submissions are due by the end of next week (March 18th) and
then we will open up a voting period.

vi) Prof of the year: starting Monday we will have a ballot box in the lounge for you to submit
who you think is the best geography prof! Who has made class extra fun? Taken time to help
you with a difficult concept? Let them know they're appreciated! Submissions are due by
Friday March 18th.

vii) On a not-so-fun note, the lounge needs to be mentioned. This shared space for geographers
is pretty consistently left with people's garbage, leftover food, and dishes pilling
up. This is OUR shared space, and it's pretty embarrassing to have it so disgusting all the
time. Please pick up after yourselves guys, and if you see someone leaving stuff ask them
to clean up. Just a friendly warning that if we keep being left with piles of dirty dishes
to wash every week, there won't be any out to use anymore. Aright, make a change, people!

That's it for now! Enjoy your weekends!



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