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Hello Geographers!!

i) Reminder that our annual Wine and Cheese is this tomorrow March 17th!! Join us from 5:15 to
7:15 in Burnside 426 for some drinks, yummy food, and good company! Both students and Profs
will be there, all geographers are welcome!

ii) SUGAR SHACK!! It's that time geographers! Sugar shack this Friday March 18th!! We will be
selling tickets to this great event tomorrow and Friday in the lounge from 12:30 until 2:30.
Tickets are $15 for geographers and $22 for non-geogs. This is an event you do NOT want to
miss, so hurry and buy your tickets, because it will sell out! Tickets will be sold to only
geography students until Thursday, when they will become open to everyone. We will meet at
the Roddick Gates at 5:45 sharp, leave at 6PM, all bus out to a sugar shack and enjoy
traditional Quebec food, loads of maple syrup, dancing, $2 hay rides, and a petting zoo,
and return by 11:30!! Come hang out with your fellow geographers!

iii) Taken any sweet geography photos lately?? We are accepting submissions for our annual photo
contest this week! Whether you got a great shot from your backyard or a wicked pic from
some far-away place, submit it to the photo contest! Send your pic to mcgillgeography@gmail.com
with a quick title and where it was taken. Submissions are due by the end of next week
(March 18th) and then we will open up a voting period. No more than 3 submissions per
person please. Have fun with this!

iv) Prof of the year: This week we are taking nominations for the Professor of the Year! Who
you think is the best geography prof! Who has made class extra fun? Taken time to help you
with a difficult concept? Let them know they're appreciated! Email mcgillgeography@gmail.com
with the name of the prof you'd like to nominate by Friday March 18th. Then we'll open up
a voting period for geographers to vote for the nominated profs.

v) Looking for a neat summer course? The Shoals Marine Laboratory, Appledore Island, Maine is
now accepting summer registrations from undergraduates, graduate students, teachers, and
high school students. Our 2011 offerings include:
Field and Experimental Oceanography
Marine Conservation
Research in Marine Biology
Whales, Seals and Sharks: Marine Vertebrates of the Gulf of Maine
Underwater Research
Field Wildlife Forensics
Marine Environmental Science
Field Animal Behavior
For a complete list of courses see: http://www.sml.cornell.edu/sml_students_creditcourses.html
Courses carry Cornell University and UNH credit (each course is 3 credits and 2 weeks) and
offer the chance to study marine science in the field, on and around an island 7 miles from
the Maine/New Hampshire shore. Shoals is home to seabird and seal colonies. SML has an
active program in sustainability: http://www.sml.cornell.edu/sml_shoalsissustainable.html
Easy online registration at: https://www.apply.sml.cornell.edu/registerwho/rwho_login.php?_function=startOrLogin
Scholarships still available.

vi) More summer opportunities! We have a vacancy for a super-cool internship working on tree-planting,
wildlife research and community outreach for three months in rural Uganda this summer (June
-August). This internship is located in a forest fragment surrounding a crater lake called
Kasenda, where a small population of the endangered red colobus monkey remains, along with
a wide variety of birds and other primates. The position involves working with locals to
expand the forest, tracking red colobus groups (with the possibility of subsequent collaboration
on research papers) and helping the nearby communities with grass-roots environmental
initiatives. There will be two interns going on this internship. They will be set up in a
safe environment by the Chapman lab group (Drs. Colin and Lauren Chapman of McGill) going
to work in Kibale National Park nearby and seen after by locals that have experience working
with previous interns. This is a volunteer position, but we have funds to subsidize much of
the flight costs (accommodation for the summer is free and food is very cheap). This position
needs to be filled as soon as possible, so if you are interested, please contact us immediately
and plan to come see us by Friday.

That's it for now!



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