(MUGS) 4 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE Open Access to Canada's Public Sector Information and Data

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Hello Geographers!

The M.U.G.S. council is happy to wish you warm summer greetings.

Although the summer has arrived, it is still important to be aware and involved in the geographic community. Access to spatial information is a very pertinent issue for geographers and related domains. The Government of Canada is reviewing its policy regarding Open Access to Canada's Public Sector Information and Data. Check out http://de-en.gc.ca/home/ to read up on public opinion for an against open access. THERE ARE 4 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE. A blurb from the website has been copied below:

"Digital technologies are critical to every aspect of our economy and society. That is why a strategy for the digital economy is needed to ensure that Canada is positioned to benefit from the opportunities that it presents. All Canadians have a role to play in helping shape Canada's digital future. Your perspectives, suggestions, ideas and submissions will be important inputs in the creation of our digital strategy. We appreciate your interest and participation."

Make your opinion count!


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