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Hello Geographers!

i) GEOGRAPHY CLOTHING HAS ARRIVED! Please take the opportunity to come pick-up your clothing order tomorrow in the MUGS lounge (Burnside 305), between 10am and 5pm. That's TOMORROW Friday, April 23rd between 10 and 5. We can't wait for you to see it!!!

ii) SUMMER RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY: Gain research experience & practice GIS!!!

Interested in research and thinking about graduate studies? Want to practice or learn more GIS?

This is an opportunity to gain more experience using ArcGIS, and learn about research at a graduate level. The main project is titled "Ecosystem Resilience and Structural Legacies in the Colorado River Delta, Mexico". I am looking for an undergrad student who is interested in joining my research project to develop new skills or master his/her previous mapping skills in ArcGIS. The project aims to map landscape changes in land cover over a period of 40 years in the Colorado River Delta, Mexico. For this project, developing good mapping skills will require you to combine aerial photo interpretation, visual classification skills, map editing, spatial data management, and spatial analysis. These skills you will develop while working on the project and under the supervision of Itzel Hernandez (PhD candidate) and Dr. Jeanine Rhemtulla. All materials, a nice space to work and great supervision will be provided.

- Enthusiasm and motivation to learn new things or expand those that you already know
- Basic ArcGIS understanding is desirable (but not limiting). If you have taken GEOG 201 (Introductory Geo-Information Science) or GEOG 306 (Raster Geo-Information Science) that will be a plus!
- Time available to work on the project over the Summer 2010 (about 12 hr/week)
- Reliability and commitment (serious applicants only!)

So, why this could be a great opportunity for you? Simple, this will give you technical experience (great for jobs!) and a firsthand perspective on graduate studies. Those who are thinking about grad school as a choice will understand that gaining some insights from other's experiences could help in their own decision making process. Depending on your performance there will be other benefits: a) the possibility of earning credits for your work as an Independent Student Course (GEOG 490); b) for high quality work, sharing the authorship of publishable information will be also considered.

· All candidates will be interviewed for the position
· This is an unpaid position

Dates: mid May to August 31st 2010.
Contact: Itzel Hernandez (PhD. Candidate). Cell: 514-265-1268
Department of Geography; Burnside Hall, Room 427 from 9 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday)
xi.hernandezmorlan@mail.mcgill.ca >> yoloxochitl0@yahoo.com


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