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Hello Geographers,

So there has been a (cough) MINOR hiccup in the clothing orders. The coordinates on the back are labeled as "N" twice, instead of a "W" after the longitude. Now, this can just be seen as a funny joke really- the "collector's edition" of geography t-shirts, if you will. Or it's a test of your geography skills- if people notice the "error", then they are on top of their game. Or it is a futuristic location that will exist in the future, and we geographers are just so ahead of the times

If you DO have a problem with the mislabeling, please send an email to eomcnamee@gmail.com and we can get your shirt or sweatshirt reprinted with the correct coordinate. You must email ASAP, no later then MONDAY APRIL 26 at NOON. This ONLY applies to people that ordered a tshirt, or the pull-over hoodie- all other items were embroidered (such as the zip up hoodie) and are not effected.

If you don't have a problem with it, be sure to come pick up your clothes as soon as you can!!!!
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