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Hello Geographers!

i) Sugar Shack!! Can you believe that sugar shack is TOMORROW! It's already time to tap the trees and Geography's glorious school bus excursion to the beautiful syrupy countryside will take place TOMORROW Friday March 19th from 6pm to 11:30pm. The bus will be loaded at 5:45 at the Roddick Gates -don't forget we depart at 6:00 pm sharp!!!. There will be food, fun and BYOB! Tickets will be on sale all of this week in the MUGS lounge from 11-2pm. Tickets are 15$ for geography students and 20$ for non-geographers. If you have already bought a ticket, consider wearing plaid -it could be fun.

ii) HONOURS PRESENTATIONS!!!- Just a reminder that 'The second annual Honours Thesis poster presentations will be on April 1, from 2-5 PM, in room 426. Please come by during this time to
see the work of your fellow students!'

Allux, Sarah (Kalacska) Hyperspectral remote sensing of peatland
vegetation at multiple spatial scales

Cray, Heather (Pollard) An investigation of the perennial springs of
Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut

Gannes, Nina (Forest) The Critical Geopolitics of the Post-9/11
United States Foreign Policy Discourse

Halparin, Max (Ross) On the move: Neighborhood walkability and
diabetes in Montreal

Lavoie, Mitchell (Ross) Anthropogenic Drivers of Neighbourhood-Level
Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Montréal

Ridge, Stephanie (Forest) Scale and Stakeholders in Alberta's
Regional Planning



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