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Hello Geographers!

As always, it feels as if the Winter semester is flying by! There are TON of events coming up in the horizon. I promise that reading through to the end will be worth your while.

i) Sugar Shack!! Can you believe it? It's already time to tap the trees and Geography's glorious school bus excursion to the beautiful syrupy countryside will take place Friday March 19th from 6pm to 11:30pm. There will be food, fun and BYOB! Tickets will be on sale all of this week in the MUGS lounge from 12-2pm. Tickets will also be on sale next week in the lounge -stay tuned for more detailed drop-in hours. Tickets are 15$ for geography students. Since MUGS is subsidizing the tickets, priority will be given to geography students.

ii) Geography Clothing will be on sale soon, so do not forget to put aside a few dollars of your spring budget! Stay tuned for details on styles and pricing.

iii)A message from GEOASSASSINS MASTER:Congratulations to Mr Elan Spitzberg... this young one managed to collect the most life beads (through his own or his targets kills), and therefore is declared victorious!!!!!! An honourable mention must go to Chloe McMillan, who herself snapped NINE PEOPLE, before her unfortunate demise. Good job Chloe! Thank you to all who participated.

iv)Candy Count winner: Congratulations Sulin (Khing) Lin, please come the MUGS lounge to claim your prize.

v)IMPORTANT:MUGS would like to remind and encourage all geography students to respond to the e-mail they each recently received from the Chair himself, Prof. Moore. It's a short, 3-question survey (answers are kept confidential) asking students to share their opinions on professor-student advising and mentoring at the department level (think of our advisor, Prof. Akman, and all the geog profs who are available to meet with us outside class time...this is mentoring!). It's important that students give their feedback because if it ever came down to the wire in terms of budget cuts to move funding towards faculty level advising (yikes!) and away from departmental advising, we need to be able to tell the Big McGill Cats exactly how geography students feel about the work our profs do in these areas so that any big decisions like this will reflect OUR best interest. In terms of these two very important aspects of university education, advising and mentoring, here's your chance to gauge how well geography is performing. As of now, only about 13% of all geography students have responded to the questionnaire... pffffft, we can do better than that! Let's go geographers, this is for us! Please take a minute, check your inbox, and have your voice heard! MUGS thanks you.

vi)Midnight Kitchen and People's Potato Present: PUT YOUR POLITICS WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS! +March 15 - 19, 2010+
Tired of green-washed capitalism, frustrated with rhetoric around sustainable consumerism, and bored with documentaries that only talk about Monsanto, "Put Your Politics Where Your Mouth Is!" aims to radicalize the politics around what ends up on your plate (and what gets left behind.) What are the links between food and environmental and social justice? How is food implicated in capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy and the gendered division of labour? What is food sovereignty, and what does it look like? How will we shut down capitalist food production for good?

Join the Midnight Kitchen and People's Potato for a week of workshops, discussions and speakers to fill your hearts, minds and bellies. (MK and the Potato also serve by-donation, vegan lunches every day of the week!) -- For the full schedule, please visit the Midnight Kitchen's blog: http://www.themidnightkitchen.blogspot.com

vii) Annual Photo Contest!- If you want to flaunt your geography related photography skills, our annual photo contest will be held this semester. The deadline will be in the end of March, so you still have a lot of time to snap the perfect shot. We accept hard copies or digital submissions, and entries can be submitted at coffee and cookies or to mcgillgeography@gmail.com This year's prize will be geography clothing!

viii) MUGS and CAPS are coming together to help you get a job! In late March MUGS will be hosting a CAPS CV workshop where students can drop by and have their CVs reviewed by professionals! If your CV looks good, you look good! MUGS is also working on generating a list of companies who have hired or are interested in hiring geography students and grads (this golden ticket will be handed out during the workshop, so come benefit from our research efforts!). Date and location to be announced....refreshments will be served.

Thank you for your time,
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