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i) ELECTIONS!!!- MUGS WANTS YOU! I know you're all tired of hearing about student government, but the election for new MUGS (that's us!) officers is coming up! Attached to this e-mail are a nomination form and a document that describes the different positions you could run for -all of them! The nomination period has begun and it will run from February 8th to February 19th @3:30pm!! It is a great opportunity to get involved with the department of geography, meet new faces and to have a stake in the organization of departmental events!

Completed nomination forms can be dropped off in the MUGS mailbox (Burnside Hall, 7th floor, Department of Geography, Rm. 705).

ii) TODAY!!! Burnside basement from 10am to 2pm MUGS will be selling samosas so if you are looking for a snack stop by!

iii) Geography Clothing! MUGS is once again preparing to produce a haute couture clothing collection of designer pieces, and we want you as the designer! Start working on your designs that can be printed onto T-shirts, sweaters, underwear, etc. The creator of the chosen design will receive a geography-printed clothing article of their choice, along with serious department cred and fame! Email designs to mcgillgeography@gmail.com by February 26th! We cannot wait to see your designs!

iv) JOB OPPROUNITY - Mountain feild crew (please look at poster attached)

v) Jodi Dean is Media@McGill Beaverbrook visiting scholar this term. She will give a talk on Thursday, 11 February, 5:30 p.m. W 215, Arts Building: 'Whatever Blogging'

The event is a collaboration between Media@McGill and the AHCS Speaker Series.

Abstract :
'Giorgio Agamben has introduced the idea of whatever being as a tag for a contemporary mode of belonging unbound by the inscriptions of disciplinary identity. Some agree that this mode could herald a better coming community. Linking whatever being to appearances of whatever in networked communications and positioning it within a brief history of the interconnections between media and identity, I argue that whatever being is the wrong model for a subject capable of left political practice and opposition'.

Jodi Dean is Professor of Political Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York and Erasmus Professor of the Humanities in the Faculty of Philosophy, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Dean is the co-editor of the international journal, Theory and Event. Jodi Dean is a political theorist who is engaged with contemporary radical political thought and questions surrounding politics and emerging media technologies. She has written extensively on Slavoj Zizek (including her book, Zizek's Politics) and has also published critical articles on Judith Butler, Hardt and Negri, Jacques Ranciere, Michel Foucault, Jurgen Habermas, Iris Marion Young and Giorgio Agamben, among others. She is animated by concerns about contemporary media and political culture, particularly in post 9/11 North America, with quite radical takes on questions concerning publicity, contemporary democracy, network culture, the Left, conspiracy theory, strangers and secrecy (see Publicity's Secret, and, her most recent book, Democracy and Other Neo-liberal Fantasies, at Duke University Press, 2009).
For more information: http://media.mcgill.ca/en/jodi_dean_news

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