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i)WINTER CHALLENGE-- Next Monday, February the 8th at noon will be our first annual winter challenge!!! The event will consist of winter themed competitive events such as a 100m outdoor 'Snowy Sprint' (where the slowest contestant wins -believe it.), a candy count, snowflake making and a MYSTERY EVENT! Prizes will include candy and pie -both important winter traditions. We can't wait to see you there. Cider will be served.

ii) - GEOSSASSINS: We have EXTENDED the deadline for geosassins participants until Monday, so you have all week to sign up by emailing with your name and "I want to play!" in the subject line or by signing up on the paper in the geography lounge.

There will be safe zones.
There will be fun.
And there will be glory.

Targets and rules will be in your email inbox on the afternoon of Febrary 8th, and the game officially starts Monday February 8th at 3pm. First place prize may include a pie, glory, and other such highly desirable equivalents. There will also be runner-up prizes. Sign up, and enjoy meeting your fellow geographers on a whole new level. Open to all students and faculty in the Department of Geography.

iii) Excellence in Research Exhibition--Meet some of McGill's top researchers and their teams as they showcase their groundbreaking research programs and discoveries. There are 24 research displays representing all faculties at McGill

Date: Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
Location: Redpath Hall, 3461 McTavish, Main Campus (Metro McGill)
More information, including a complete list of presenters:

iv) elections election elections, WE WANT YOU! The election period for MUGS will be taking place from the 8th to the 19th! We will be sending out an email with more details about the positions. Applications will be found in the MUGS lounge starting on the 8th. Conveniently it's the same day as our WINTER CHALLENGE, so MUGS members will be present for any questions you may have.
· Come meet the investigators behind the groundbreaking research showing that childhood trauma has life-long effects on genes and the brain.
· Go to MARS – the McGill Arctic Research Station – and learn about "Arctic Microbiology and the Search for Life Beyond Earth".
· You'll see how costume illustration is done in the digital age, and from the School of Computer Science and the Centre for Intelligent Machines, how humans and robots are working together outdoors.
· See and hear the highly publicized "Virtual Haydn Project," which recreates Haydn's masterpieces with the help of virtual acoustics.
· McGill's world-class experts in Green Chemistry will present their display "Toward Environmentally Sustainable Chemistry".
· You'll learn the truth about children and lying, find out how retirement is being re-invented by baby boomers, and much much more!

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