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Hello Geography Students,

i) ELECTIONS- WE WANT YOU! Don't forget that the election period for MUGS is from the 8th to the 19th. You still have time to become a candidate for the McGill Undergraduate Geography Society. The application form is attached above and is due FIRMLY in the geography office Burnside 705 on Friday, February 19th @ 3:30. Attached to this e-mail are a nomination form and a document that describes the different positions you could run for -all of them! It is a great opportunity to get involved with the department of geography, meet some new faces and to have a stake in the organization of departmental events! Yay!

ii) MUGS is preparing once again to produce a haute couture clothing collection of designer pieces, and we want you as the designer! Start working on your designs that can be printed onto T-shirts, sweaters, underwear, etc. The creator of the chosen design will receive a geography-printed clothing article of their choice, along with serious department cred and fame! Email designs to mcgillgeography@gmail.com by this Feb 28th!

iii) Media@McGill invites you to Arne Hintz's talk on Monday, 1 March, 4:30 p.m., Ferrier 230. Title of his talk: Civil Society Media Policy: Linking Grassroots Media and Global Governance

Abstract: Self-organized, civil society-based media have emerged around the globe. Described by some as the 'third' media sector (non-commercial and non-state) and by others as radical, autonomous or citizens media, they encompass community radio, alternative publications, online news services, and many other forms of 'old' and 'new' media. Even though their practices emerge outside the state/business realm, their development is heavily affected by policy and regulation.

What, then, are their policy needs? What is their policy environment? And in which ways have practitioners organized to influence policy? Arne Hintz will point to both enabling and obstructive policy examples, discuss a policy agenda for the sector, and examine the strategies and practices of policy advocacy by media activists. He will thus uncover relations, connects and disconnects between grassroots media and global governance.

Arne Hintz is a post-doctoral fellow in the AHCS department, and a Media@McGill Post-doctoral Research Fellow for 2009/10. --- For more information: http://media.mcgill.ca/en/arne_hintz_event

Claire Roberge, Ph.D
Outreach Specialist

iv) !THE LOUNGE! -- On a side-note we would like to remind geography students to keep the MUGS lounge tidy.

v) We can't wait to see you for our cool events following the break, such as the Career Fair and Sugar-Shack. Happy reading week! Try and squeeze some reading in!

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