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Welcome back Geographers!

I hope you all had a very relaxing winter break!

i) "ATTENTION GEOGRAPHERS: Please note that the sofas in the MUGS Lounge (BH 305) will be cleaned on Tuesday, January 12th 2010, 10:00am-12:00pm and that the Lounge will be closed during this time. The lounge will re-open after the cleaning but the sofas must dry for the following 24 hours so PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON THEM until Wednesday January 13th. Thank you for your cooperation."

ii) - GEOSSASSINS: "What is GEOSSASSINS ?" you ask? It is a friendly and fierce game of assassination played over a two week period that ends at the MUGS Winter Challenge on February 8th. You will receive a target who you must "kill" by clipping them with a clothespin, in order to advance in the game.
There will be safe zones.
There will be fun.
And there will be glory.

You can sign up for GEOSSASSINS from now until noon on Monday, January 25th by emailing with your name and "I want to play!" in the subject line. Targets will be in your email inbox on the afternoon of January 25th, and the game officially starts the next day on Tuesday morning at 9 AM. First place prize may include a pie, glory, and other such highly desirable equivalents. There will also be runner-up prizes. Sign up, and enjoy meeting your fellow geographers on a whole new level. Open to all students and faculty in the Department of Geography.

iii) Soup & Science: The next edition of Soup and Science takes place in the Redpath Museum, January 11-15, starting at 11:30am. Each day features 5 different professors. Each professor has 3 minutes to talk about her/his research. Afterward, students and professors mingle over lunch - giving students the chance to find out more than the professors could cover in just 3 short minutes. It's a great opportunity to discover research opportunities and fields of inquiry you might not know about.

The event exposes the breadth of inquiry in Science; you might learn about:
Computational Structural Biology,
Bayesian inference,
Ecological applications of remote sensing, molecular endocrinology, and the association between social competence and youth psychopathology ...all within half an hour.

Lunch is provided to participants, and you can find out more at including daily schedules of presenters.

iv) Coffee & Cookies: Just a reminder that EVERY Monday MUGS provides coffee and cookies in the geography lounge @ 12:30pm. We hope to see you there :)

v) Events in the distant forecast: keep your eyes and ears open for the following events being hosted by MUGS

MUGS is preparing once again to produce a haute couture clothing collection of designer pieces, and we want you as the designer! Start working on your designs that can be printed onto T-shirts, sweaters, underwear, etc. The creator of the chosen design will receive a geography-printed clothing article of their choice, along with serious department cred and fame! Email designs to


The MUGS Photo contest is distantly approaching, so keep your eyes pealed for appealing subject matter, and get your cameras snapping!




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