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Good morning Geographers,

Just before I let you get back to your studies, I have a few short messages to send out before the break.

i) On behalf of all MUGS members, I would like to thank all those who attended the Wine and Cheese and took part in enjoying some of the delectable local cheeses and meats provided. Thank you for making the event a huge success. As you know we have appointed sustainability reps to promote greener events. For the wine and cheese we were able to borrow plastic wine glasses from The Plate Club.
If you accidentally (or purposefully) took a wine glass and would like to return it, please contact MUGS at mcgilllgeography@gmail.com.

ii) Mark your calendars! Our third installment of our speaker series is on Wednesday, December the 2ndth, at 12:30pm in the IHSP conference room. The series continues with a talk by Dr. Lea Berrang Ford from The McGill Geography Department, entitled: "Double Warming: Urbanization, Climate Change and Global Health." The talk will cover the effects of urbanization and climate change on public health by highlighting the recent trends of Malaria transmission in urban environments.

As always, a LUNCH will be served. We hope to see everyone there. Find more information, see the attached graphic.

iii) Just a reminder that our annual "Geography Photo Contest" will be taking place NEXT semester. So don't forget to get snappin' over the break period!

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