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Good Afternoon Geographers!

i) CINEMA POLITICA --This Tuesday, January 19th, please join McGill Cinema Politica in Leacock 219 for a screening of Gregory Greene's, THE END OF SUBURBIA. Although the suburbs have oft been considered the mecca of comfort and domesticity - a place where families can achieve the so-called "American Dream," Greene's documentary approaches the looming issues suburban communities are going to have to face in the wake of the energy crisis. Greene outlines the problems with constructing entire communities based on the assumption that everyone will be using automobiles. In the documentary, scientists and policy makers argue that World Oil Peak and the decline of fossil fuels are among us. What, then, will happen to North America's suburban communities? Will today's suburbs become tomorrow slums? How will the American Dream adapt to these changes? And what can be done now to avoid The End of Suburbia? Screening begins at 8pm, as always. Bring your friends!

ii)GEOSSASSINS: "What is GEOSSASSINS ?" you ask? It is a friendly and fierce game of assassination played over a two week period that ends at the MUGS Winter Challenge on February 8th. You will receive a target who you must "kill" by clipping them with a clothespin, in order to advance in the game.
There will be safe zones.
There will be fun.
And there will be glory.

You can sign up for GEOSSASSINS from now until noon on Monday, January 25th in the MUGS lounge anytime this week or by emailing geographyassassins@gmail.com with your name and "I want to play!" in the subject line. Targets will be in your email inbox on the afternoon of January 25th, and the game officially starts the next day on Tuesday morning at 9 AM. First place prize may include a pie, glory, and other such highly desirable equivalents. There will also be runner-up prizes. Sign up, and enjoy meeting your fellow geographers on a whole new level. Open to all students and faculty in the Department of Geography.

iii) Winter Challenge -- Not unlike the 'Harvest Challenge' we held this fall, the Winter Challenge will be taking place during the winter semester on February 8th at noon. The event will consist of winter themed competitive events such as a 100m outdoor 'Snowy Sprint', a snow angel competition and a candy count. Stay tuned for more details!

iv) Geography Clothing! MUGS is once again preparing to produce a haute couture clothing collection of designer pieces, and we want you as the designer! Start working on your designs that can be printed onto T-shirts, sweaters, underwear, etc. The creator of the chosen design will receive a geography-printed clothing article of their choice, along with serious department cred and fame! Email designs to mcgillgeography@gmail.com by February 26th! We cannot wait to see your designs!

v) Call for mugs!!! For years MUGS has provided reuable coffee mugs in the lounge to promote sustainable beverage consumption at Burnside. If you have any extra or un-matched misc. mugs sitting around, don't hesitate to give them a new home in the MUGS lounge in Burnside 305.

vi) And more... Keep your eyes AND ears open for SUS Elections, Career Fair and Sugar Shack!!!

Cheers and good luck with the upcoming semester!

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