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Hello Geographers!

I hope you're getting through mid-term season with smiling faces. We have some incredible events coming up on the horizon!

i) Grand Opening -- The newly renovated Geographic Information Center (GIC) will be having its grand opening on October 27th.

ii) For those of you whom are new to the list. There is a weekly "Coffee & Cookie" that takes place in the geography lounge, Burnside 305 at 12:30pm. It's a great change to mingle with some fellow geographers and to share in some snacks and refreshments!

iii) !!!APARTMENT CRAWL!!!!-- The most epic social event in geography will be taking place on November 6, so make sure to clear the night your calendars!

Finally a big thank you to all of those who attended the "Frisbee and Chilli" event, it was great success!

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