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i) FRISBEE & CHILLI-- the big day is THIS Friday, October 2 at 12:30pm. We will meet first in the MUGS lounge in Burnside at 12:30 and then we will head on out to the lower field. We will providing the frisbees and vegetarian chill. Don't forget your appetite!

ii) GEOSPECTIVES: The second geospectives event will be taking place this Thursday, October 1 from 4-5:30pm in Burnside in rm. 426. I have attached a pdf with a brief bio and abstract elaborating on the following information. Refreshments will be served.

'American girlhood: sexuality, sociality, and first generation parents'
Mary Thomas
Geography and Women's Studies, Ohio State University
Co-sponsor: Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

iii) MUGS POSITION --U1 Representative: Now is your chance to get involved with the department! We have extended a 'rolling deading' for applications for U1 Representative on MUGS. Just a reminder, you can send or applications to, be sure to include:
1) Student ID, year, program, e-mail address
2) A brief summary (list or paragraph) of any previous organizational experience activities
3) A short paragraph about why you want to be involved with MUGS, what you hope to do and/or why you love the geography department.

iv) PEER TUTORING: The Arts Undergraduate Society is looking for peer tutors!

If you are interested in peer tutoring a course that you have taken, a language that you have mastered, or a skill like academic essay writing, please contact AUS Peer Tutor Coordinator Melissa Tam at <> Qualified students must have received a grade of A- or higher in a course they wish to tutor, or a B+ if their program GPA is above 3.5. The tutoring program is a volunteer based service, but we do make the friendly suggestion that all tutees buy their tutors a cup of coffee per session as a form of reimbursement and a sign of gratitude.

Application forms (in English only) and more information are available at Leacock B-12.

For more information or to submit an application, please contact AUS VP Internal Laura D'Angelo at <> or 514-398-1993.

v) UPCOMING EVENTS: Just a reminder that there is a weekly 'Coffee and Cookies' event that takes place in the MUGS lounge at 12:30pm EVERY Monday excluding holidays. It's a great opportunity to snack and chat with fellow members of the department.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the MUGS Annual Apartment Crawl later this October

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