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Hello Geographers!

i) A big warm welcome to new MUGS members Lesya and Kelly whom are our new sustainability representatives! The role of the sustainability representative is to work closely with the executive to ensure that our events and operations are as 'green' as possible. By establishing contact with and being aware of Greening McGill, the Sustainability Office, Gorilla Compost, The Plate Club, Farmer's Market and others is a goal for this year to reduce waste at events and the responsible purchase of supplies (I.e no disposable dishes/cutlery, etc... buying veggies from the Farmer's Market/ Organic Campus when possible, etc). We're look forward to a greener future.

ii)U1 Representative - We are still looking for a U1 representative to join our team. If you are interested send your name, student number and why you think you would be a good candidate to mcgillgeography@gmail.com

iii) "THE GEOGRAPHY HARVEST CHALLENGE" – Get excited for some fun fall themed events on Monday, October 26th, events will be commencing @ noon in the Lounge (Burnside 305).
The event will include pumpkin carving and an 'apple dangle' (a modern and sanitary take on bobbing for apples). There will also be two contests a 'weigh it to win it' in which you will be guessing the weight of a harvest vegetable and a 'candy jar count'- guess the number of candies in the jar! Winners will be announced later in the week.

iv) APARTMENT CRAWL!!! – One of the biggest events of the year will be taking place on Friday, November 6th at 7:00 in the lounge, so do not forget to pencil MUGS in! This year's theme is will be "SPACE", which is reason for limitless excitement!


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