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Hello geographers,

This is one of the more important messages, so after just a few quick updates, I ask you to please read the election information.

The photo contest has been extended until Friday, so please e-mail or drop off your submissions to the geography lounge before then.

Also, clothing orders will be coming in sometime next week. Check your inbox for more information.

And now, for the elections!

Congratulations to the following for their acclaimed positions:
VP Finance - Casey Robinson
VP Communications - Francine Berish
AUS Rep - Korbin Dasilva
SUS Rep - Chloe McMillan
U3 Rep - Annie Katsaros
U2 Rep - Elizabeth McNamee

There will be an election for the co-president position of MUGS. Your candidates have each prepared a blurb for you to make an informed decision:

--Andrew Martin--

Dear Geography,
I joined us back in the fall of '08, and over several months through the GIC, library, lounge, MUGS and more recently sugar shack, I have come to know many of our fellow geographers and am so glad for the vibe we have going in our department. After learning the ins and outs with MUGS over the last few months as a U2 rep, I know I'm ready to keep the vibe alive next year. Best of luck with all of your year-end happenings, and thanks for a great year!

--Janine Reitsma--

Hello geographers! As your current MUGS co-President—and past MUGS VP Communications officer—I have the experience and the skills required to successfully lead your dedicated executive council throughout the 2009-2010 academic year! A team player, I place an emphasis on communication and cooperation between undergraduates and the department, as well as among the MUGS exec—twelve heads are better than one! In addition to upholding the awesomeness of the existing MUGS events we've all come to know and love, if re-elected as president I promise to devote more time and effort into organizing creative fundraising events for charity. Oh, and I tend to be the one who washes the dishes in the MUGS lounge, soooo....... VOTE JANINE (and keep me around)!

--Elliot Wiechula--

Hey, my names Elliot and I've been in Geography for 2 years and would like to run for co-president. My platform is to keep up what we have going for us which is some awesome annual events like apartment crawl, frisbee and chilli and last but definitely not least, sugar shack, along side the weekly events of coffee and cookies and movie nights. Its hard to improve on a good thing but I will make sure that these things get done. I will also make sure that we will have milk, cream and sugar for our coffee on monday's. So come on down and vote on Wednesday and Thursday from 12 to 2 and get this new council going for you.

Elections will take place on Wednesday and Thursday of this week from 12-2 PM in the geography lounge (Burnside 305). All geography students are eligible to vote!

-McGill Undergraduate Geography Society
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