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Hey all you beautiful MUGS peeps,

First and foremost, a big ol' CONGRATULATIONS goes out to our new (well, half new) co-presidents for MUGS next year, Janine Reitsma and Andrew Martin. As those of you who voted know, each voter was allowed to cast two votes. Our incumbent, President Reitsma, received 100% of the votes in truly Soviet fashion. Andrew Martin and Elliot Wiechula split the remaining half about 60-40, so congratulations to all candidates!

Also very important is that the graduate student mixer is tomorrow at 12:30 in the MUGS lounge (Burnside 305). There will be free pizza, so be sure to show up and learn about the exciting possibilities in research that may lie ahead.

Unfortunately, clothing orders will be coming in next week (later than we anticipated). We apologize for the delays, and anyone who ordered will be informed when they arrive.

Also, make sure to check out our website (below). It is finally up and running.

-McGill Undergraduate Geography Society
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