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Hey geographers,

I know you're all tired of hearing about student government, but the election for new MUGS (that's us!) officers is coming up! Attached to this e-mail are a nomination form and a document that describes the different positions you could run for. Nomination forms can be turned in any time this week during our office hours in Burnside 305 (11-3 all this week), but make sure you get them in by Monday at 12:30 for coffee & cookies. Elections will be held Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Also, our sugar shack trip is coming up! Tickets are only $15, and that includes your bus ride, dancing, and all the fatty food and maple syrup you can eat. Make sure you drop by any time between 11 and 3 this week to pick up tickets, but act fast because there are only 38 seats to go around.

If there are any last minute orders for shirts and/or hoodies, you now have until Wednesday to get those in (cash or check). Yet again, we'll be in the lounge (Burnside 305) between 11 and 3 this week!

Ampersand: the Conference is a full afternoon of mind-expanding presentations and innovative workshops capped by keynote speeches from Sue Johanson (of the Sunday Night Sex Show!) and David Hatfield. The theme is balance in student life. Thanks to increased sponsorship, we've managed to lower prices from $40 to $29! For $29, you get:
- Keynote speeches by Sue Johanson and David Hatfield
- Choose 1 of 4 workshops, from Stage Combat, Bali Gamelan Orchestra, Yoga & Physiology, and Gender Communilogue
- Choose 1 of 4 presentations, from Science & Art, Politics of Podcasting, Relationships in the Post-Modern World, and Extraterrestrial Life
- After-party at Koi with cheap drink deals!
- Live music, snacks, mingling with interesting people
You do NOT want to miss this event! March 28, on the McGill campus, tickets available online via PayPal (http://www.march-28.com/ or http://www.mcgillbasic.com/conference/) or at the BASIC office in Leacock 114B from 1-5 every day of the week. Interested in Volunteering? Send us an email! info@mcgillbasic.com

GeoConnections is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity. In order to increase the ease of information sharing of Canadian geographic data, the program is now soliciting proposals for projects to publish location-based, or "geospatial", data online through the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI). With this funding opportunity, GeoConnections is aiming to increase the supply of interoperable and reliable geospatial data accessible online through the CGDI, to support the data needs of four user communities: public health, public safety, environment and sustainable development, and matters of importance to Aboriginal Peoples. An online information session is planned for Wednesday, March 25, 2009, at 1:00 p.m. (EDT). Contact Cindy Mitchell (Cindy.Mitchell@nrcan.gc.ca) to obtain WebEx login information. The deadline for submissions of interest for this funding opportunity is May 1, 2009. For more information on this funding opportunity, please visit the GeoConnections Opportunities page.

Hope to see you this Friday,
-McGill Undergraduate Geography Society
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