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Hello Geographers!

Lots, of some of our favourite things to announce to you this week, so let's get right to it! 





  1. MUGS Clothing Orders!!!!
  2. Pints, Lines, and Polygons!
  3. GIC Python Tutorials
  4. Assassins!
  5. Mildy Interesting Map of the Week
  6. Cool Thing of the Week



1. MUGS Clothing Orders

We have our designs finished and our sweaters are now ready to order on tilt! We're going to be entering the space age for this year, and having you all pay for your gorgeous geog sweaters and toques online!
You may be saying: "Hey, I already have one of these sweaters", though if you look at the images below, these are limited edition 2k16/17 Burnside coordinate sweaters(!!).

Note that clothing orders are due Feb.1st, and sweaters cost $25, while Toques cost $15. (*ignore the poster price below, we got you.) Click here to order one!



1. Pints, Lines, and Polygons!

Trying out a new and fun Bi-weekly Bar night, where we hope to explore the bars of Montreal as a geography cohort! That's right people, beyond Gerts and Tokyo *cringes and cries a little*. Just a relaxed way to form some camaraderie with some nice geog folks, we'll be kicking this off at Fitzroy bar (551 Av. du Mt.Royal E.). Meet us there this Thursday at 8:30pm and be sure to check out the event of Facebook!

Liability notice:
*map bellow has no spatial units, please use Google Maps or star constellations to find your way there and not in the St.Laurent river.*



2. Python Tutorials to gain an edge in the GIS game and just be thwarting away those job applications (*disclaimer* slight exaggeration may be in use). Then check out the GIC's very own Introduction to Python workshop! 

Learn a couple basics with some of our very own python geniuses (as in humans who teach python... not lecturing pythons). Snake jokes aside, sign up here and check out the poster below!



3. MUGS Assassins!

Assassins, the game is simple. You, agent geo-o-7, will be assigned a target. Neutralize that target with a lethal clothespin, while undetected and in turn take their contact and eliminate them till you're the last geographer/assasin standing. The winner shall have their achievement immortalized by having their name engraved on the Assassins plaque in the MUGS lounge.


  • No assassinations in class (because we're classy assassins).
  • To protect this further: a 5min buffer (not overlay) before and after class will be implemented as to avoid camping.
  • You cannot be seen by your target

So keep your wits about you folks. Enlist by thursday to your Assassin Master Gal by emailing with your name to receive a target. You shall have further instuctions later assassins, enjoy. 



5. Summer Mentored Research Opportunities in Global Health

More summer opportunities! Featuring eight exciting projects related to the field of global health to work on, with awards of up to $5000. Check out the link for more info on how to apply!



7. Mildly Interesting Map of the Week

Just learned that during World War II, since map making was made illegal in Germany in 1941, the resistance made maps in secret of German positions and escape routes, distributing them to POWs (Prisoners of War) so they could make their escape. Pretty amazing if you ask me. click the image for a zoomable version of it.



8. Cool Thing of the Week

On a day like today, don't you wish you could take a tram to school in stead of walking? We all know Montreal used to have a tram line (thanks to Professor Forest) though here it is in all it's glory in 1948! It really went straight to McGill as well... #BringBack514Trams :'(



And there you have it, 

Lots of fun events coming to you really soon, so I hope to see you all in Geog sweaters and toques this thursday at Fitzroy, or at least have the chance to assassinate you in the GIC next week. Have a good week gang :)

Noé Schultz
VP Communications
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society 


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