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Hello Geographers!

Hope you have all had an amazing last week, and have some rad geog courses before Add-drop (Today folks)! Here's what's gong on this week: 





  1. MUGS Clothing Orders!!!!
  2. GIC Python Tutorials
  3. New 1 credit URBP (542) class
  4. Drive Safe
  5. Quebec Studies Summer Courses
  6. Dobson Cup
  7. Mildy Interesting Map of the Week
  8. Cool Thing of the Week



1. MUGS Clothing Orders

Purposefully calm, composed, and simple message to not add to the
HYPE!!!!!!!!! that surrounds our MUGS paraphernalia that leave all the other departments wishing they had our fashion sense (yes, especially management. who needs suits when you have a crew of matching fuzzy geog toques).

Clothing orders will be soon, we'll send you a sign up form soon as they're ready, which will display the new MUGS clothes that're sure to shock the fashion world. Stay tuned!



2. Python Tutorials to gain an edge in the GIS game and just be thwarting away those job applications (*disclaimer* slight exaggeration may be in use). Then check out the GIC's very own Introduction to Python workshop! 

Learn a couple basics with some of our very own python geniuses (as in humans who teach python... not lecturing pythons). Snake jokes aside, sign up here and check out the poster below!



3. New 1-Credit URBP Course

Personally have a huge list of fun 1-credit courses i'd love to take, (290 is still #1 <3) and now there's a new Geog related one!

Behold, URBP 542: Capturing the Narratives and Stories of Innovation. If you're interested about this course, check out the syllabus here, and click the poster for a bigger version!



4. Drive Safe drive you home for free Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11PM to 3AM! (*Intended for those late night Burnside nights obviously, where else would you be at 3am on a saturday?)

SSMU DriveSafe is a service run by the Student Society of McGill University. Our patrols drive students home safely anywhere on the Island of Montreal for free!
Our aim is to make sure McGill students are well looked after.
Call us at 514-398-8040



5. Quebec Studies Summer Courses!

No summer plans? Possibly need electives to graduate? Excellent, McGill's Quebec Studies program has got you covered. 

Featuring a 6-credit course in only 3 weeks(!?) to help you improve on your french language skills and discover Quebec's rich history in Montreal's best and often skipped season.

Registration is now open and the course code is QCST 336! Read all about it here. C'est bien cool ça eh?



6. McGill Dobson Cup

McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship is the hub for entrepreneurship on campus. We provide mentoring resources, programs and events to young entrepreneurs. We also have a startup competition, McGill Dobson Cup where we distribute over 100,000$ in cash prizes. If you have an idea you should apply, all you need is put together a 5-page business plan and submit if before 11:59pm on Jan 18th. If you need more information, please visit where you can find all the guidelines as well as the link to submit your business plan!



7. Mildly Interesting Map of the Week

Now this really isn't gonna look pretty here (and there's still a very cool thing of the week, just keep scrolling). 

Though for you hydrologists out there, check out this nifty way of displaying California's major freshwater bodies, with cool visualizations to compare them!



8. Cool Thing of the Week

Urban Systems kids, take a breather before looking at this one. This really cool online site compares any two U.S. cities (unfortunately only U.S. :'( ) though to details I've never seen before on a free site. This seems like the true fruition of big-data and GIS/urban planning together. So enjoy some procrastination on the site here! (or click the image)



And there you have it, 

Enjoy the week, and thought i'd just share an odd bit of Geography wisdom that blows my mind:

"Ireland and Iceland are just one sea/c apart"
Geographically, and in spelling terms.... I swear i'm fun at parties.

Noé Schultz
VP Communications
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society 


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