Happy Thanksgiving from MUGS

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Happy Thanksgiving

Whether your Thanksgiving is spent ridesharing to Toronto or potlucking out of mixing bowls, MUGS hopes it's a great one. 

  1. Thanksgiving Chilli 
  2. Python Tutorials
  3. Call for AUS Rep 
  4. Calling All Apartments
  5. Parks Canada Summer Job 
  6. Women in Science Conference 
  7. Cool Thing of the Week

1. Thanksgiving Chilli

Peter, Peter, chilli eater,
A power surge broke his heater,
Got so chilly, ill he fell
T'was MUGS chilli that made him well

Today, Thursday, October 8th, come to the MUGS Lounge from 12-1 p.m. to give thanks for crockpots and NatGeo with your fellow Geographers, all over a steaming bowl of delicious chilli. Meat and veggie options will both be available.

The old hand-turkeys will be coming down because "they old," and we invite you to trace some new ones! 

2. Python Tutorials

Interested in the power of coding? Love the MUGS lounge? A reminder that our weekly Python tutorial will be held today, October 8th, from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. in the Lounge. These are for beginners who want to start programming their world and advanced students who just can't fix that one bug. There will be question oriented sessions and guided projects alike!

Ruth Berkow will be chilling in the Lounge, available to answer your basic or advanced Python questions. Stop by, grab some tea, and chill.

3. Call for AUS Rep 

You haven't missed the boat to get involved with MUGS this year! We have an opening for an AUS rep, whose job is to sit on MUGS and liaise with the AUS council. Please email us with a small blurb about yourself and why you'd like to join by Wednesday, October 7th.  Join us and help spread the magic of MUGS. 

4. Calling All Apartments! 

Save the date! This year's infamous MUGS apartment crawl will take place Saturday, November 17th. We are asking those spatially-endowed geographers to volunteer their apartment as a stop in the evening! Please email/facebook us if you'd like to offer!

5. Parks Canada Summer Job

Fresh 'outta 290? Barbados too warm for your Canadian blood? Go North, child.

Parks Canada is recruiting 6 students for a full-time summer job in 2016.

Students will be a part of the 'Northern Outreach Team' in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, where they will work to engage Canadians and visitors with presentations highlighting Canada's northern protected areas. They want you to really know your stuff, though, so this job offers the chance to visit the Canadian Arctic!!!!

The job runs from May 4  to August 28, 2016, and applications are due between October 19 – 25, 2015.

For more info on the program and application process, click here. Then, to apply because obviously you want to, click here

6. Women in Science Conference 

October 13 through 15, McGill's top women in environmental science will be presenting at a conference on Women in Science at Vanier College. They're addressing topics from biotech in India to climate change in the Arctic.  There is no fees or registration; for details and the speaker schedule, check out their page!

7. Cool Thing of the Week

Technology called 'lidar' is revolutionizing archaeology. By measuring the distance light travels to the ground and back, researchers can digitally strip away the canopy from forested areas. In Honduras, they're finding traces of man made changes to the landscape and reconstructing a lost city. Obvi this amazing info is being brought to you by NatGeo, check it out! 

That's all, folks. 

We hope to see you all stop in for a steaming bowl of chilli tomorrow!

Katie Keyes
VP Communications
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society