Welcome to MUGS!

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Hello, Geographers, 

and welcome to the first of many informative and worldly emails you will receive from your MUGS Exec. 
  1. Elections
  2. Gerts Night Atlas(t)!
  3. General Assembly
  4. Mentorship Program
  5. Python Tutorials
  6. Logo Contest
  7. Barbados Field Course
  8. For Geography Majors with a GIS Minor
  9. Maptime MTL
  10. MSURJ is Looking for Editors and Submissions
  11. MUGS Loves Mental Health
    • McGill in Mind Conference
    • Mental Health First Aid Training
    • Counselling Services Workshops
  12. Cool Thing of the Week

1. Elections

We are holding 'em! Nomination forms are due Wednesday, September 23rd at 4 p.m. in the MUGS lounge (BURN 305). Want to be our... 

Sustainability Officer?

Leads MUGS sustainability initiatives, including a year‐long sustainability project involving MUGS executives and members at large.

VP Academic?

Responsible for educational and curricular concerns of MUGS, representing MUGS on Academic Committees, and overseeing the Geography Undergrad‐Grad Mentorship Program.

U1 Rep?

Represents the U1 class to MUGS. Sits on the Undergraduate Affairs Committee to advise departmental changes.

U1 Rep (mentorship)?

Same roles as the U1 Rep, but with the added role of Rep to the mentorship program.

"Field Notes" Editor-in-Chief?

Leading the production and outreach initiatives of the Geography Undergraduate journal.

2. Gerts Night At-las(t)!

Sometimes I like to picture Ortelius with a brewski in hand, ok. Come fraternize with your fellow MUGS at Gerts on Monday, September 28th at 6 p.m!

3. General Meeting 

Then, bring yourselves to our GM Tuesday, September 29th at 4 p.m., location TBA. We, the exec, are interested in garnering insight and ideas about the upcoming year's events from all geog students! Come for the snacks, stay for the transparency and grassroots organization.  

4. Mentorship Program 

Are you curious (or confused!) about life after undergrad? Do you have questions about grad school and other post undergrad options?

If so, consider applying for a mentor!

The student-initiated McGill Geography Graduate-Undergraduate Mentoring Program can help you prepare and plan for the future. We pair Geography undergrads, like you, with graduate Geography and Urban Planning student mentors who have recently navigated the post-undergrad world themselves, and have a wealthof information and experience to share.

Applications are due by September 24th.  We will match mentors and mentees on September 28th, and hold a coffee mixer (place & date TBD) to introduce you both.

Please note: the information you provide in this form will be used only by the mentoring program coordinators to match you with a suitable mentor and will not be shared with others.

Questions? Check out the webpage, or email us

5. Python Tutorials

Interested in the power of coding? Love the MUGS lounge? Come one, come all to Python Tutorials! These are alike for beginners who want to start programming their world and advanced students who just can't fix that one bug. There will be question oriented sessions and guided projects!

The first two sessions will both be introductory, designed to show the power of python and coding in general. These will be held next week in the MUGS Lounge at 3 p.m. on Monday September 21st and Friday September 26th. Friday will cover the same material as Monday, and exists in case you cannot make the first session.

6. Logo Contest

"I'll go when the winds change," said Mary Poppins. Well, the winds have changed and it's time for a new MUGS logo. We're crowdsourcing because you all are so darn creative! If you'd like to take this chance to immortalize your vision of MUGS, please submit your design (as .ai or .tiff) by October 31st. The winner will receive a free swag item sporting their design! 

7. Barbados Field Course

Home of mongooses, Rihanna's birth, Tiger Woods' wedding, and potentially 3 of your McGill credits.

Pre-empt your winter blues by signing up for this year's field course to Barbados (GEOG 496)! Experience beautiful mixing of human and physical geography, and earn credit from the beach. The course will take place over Reading Week, February 26th to March 6th.

To find out more, come to an info meeting today, September 17th, at 4:30 p.m. in BURN 426. Alternatively, contact
Prof Meredith with "Barbados" in the subject line.


8. GIS Minors

REMINDER, if you are doing a GEOG major with a GIS minor, *you also need to take another minor in another department!!

9. Maptime MTL

Maptime is an open learning environment for individuals of all skill levels to interact with and explore the variety of online mapping initiatives. Maptime MTL is having its first meeting September 23rd, at 6 p.m., leaving from Sherbrooke and McGill College.  

There will be a set of presentations on topics such as Open Street Mapping and common online mapping platforms, followed by a mapping pizza party.

For more info, contact Jeffery Sauer

10. MSURJ Is Looking for Editors and Submissions

The McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal is a student run initiative promoting and publishing undergraduate research. They're looking for new members for this year's editorial board, the application deadline for which is September 30th. They're also looking for submissions to this year's pub, with a deadline of Oct 8th. For deets, visit msurj.strikingly.com

11. MUGS Loves Mental Health

There are a ton of mental health initiatives going on on campus, here are some:
1. "Students in Mind" is an annual student mental health conference at McGill University that engages in conversation regarding mental health and mental illness. The conference explores issues that have led to the stigmatization and taboo-ness of mental illness. Participants also explore the intersection between mental health and a broad range of topics, including community impact, cultural influences, and treatment avenues. 
This year's conference is taking place on Sunday, Oct 4th, in the SSMU building. For details, check out their website or Facebook.

2. Counselling Services is offering mental health first aid training this weekend, September 19th to 20th. Learn the skills and knowledge needed to manage potential or developing mental health issues.

   3. They're also offering a TON of        workshops this fall, ranging from  academic success, to wellness, to life skills  (a workshop on assertiveness? Yes please!). Check them all out here

12. Cool Thing of the Week

Recently trending is a stunning performance from one silver-tongued weatherman, who seamlessly pronounced the longest village name in the world, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch. 

That's all, folks. 

We hope to see you all very soon, as hyped about another year of map-making and Burnside muffins as we are.

Katie Keyes
VP Communications
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society