Geo-talks, drinks, curling, assassins and future professors?

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1.       MUGS welcomes you back!

2.       5th Annual Ecospiel—Geography vs. MSE

3.       Sustainability Professor Candidates meet and greet

4.       MUGS Assassins 2015

5.       Field Notes Submissions

6.       "Geography in Action!" on Jan 30th

7.       Kanata Journal Submissions

8.       The Global Development Forum 2015: "The Future is Green"

9.       Cool thing of the week


Geo-talks, drinks, curling, assassins and future professors?

Now that we are back in the swing of things, it's time to get down to business! We have great events coming your way and this frigid weather won't keep us down. The sun is out, the tuques are on sale and we are ready to get to geo-business. Also, we made quite the impression at science games to big shout out to those involved in the planning! #geodudes


MUGS Welcomes you back!

Miss your geobuddies or the GICuties? Come join us at a Gert's night on Tuesday January 27th! We have rented it for your enjoyment so show up at 5 pm, tell them you're with us and we'll get you the first round. (We only have reserved officially from 5-8 so if you show really late, we might not be there)
Just look for the geography tuques!


5th Annual Ecospiel – MSE vs. Geography

Last year, Geography beat the MSE in curling and this year, we need your help to keep the cup. On Saturday January 31st, the game will take place in the Baie d'Urfe Curling Club from 2-6 pm. It costs $15 per person and it includes pizza and all the equipment. No experience is required but losers buy drinks for the winners.
In order to get a spot, you need to pay before the event; we have set up a Google doc here and on the FB group so you can send us your information and we will email you the details. Also, tomorrow at Gert's, we will be collecting payment for those that are ready to pay.
If you'd like more information, you can contact us through Facebook or by email. The poster for the event is attached to this listserv


Sustainability Professor Candidates meet and greet

We are looking for a new sustainability professor and the department has asked for YOUR input! On Monday February 2nd at 5 pm in the MUGS lounge, we will meet one of the candidates for the position and you will have the opportunity to talk to them and ask them whatever is in your mind.
The first one is Graham Macdonald and he is a global environmental scientist. His research links environmental dimensions of food production with socioeconomic dimensions of food consumption, focusing particularly on international agricultural trade. He is the first of many candidates and we will keep you updated on future meet and greet opportunities so make sure to keep an eye for the coming listservs!


MUGS Assassins 2015

You read that right! MUGS Assassins are coming for the winter semester! What are MUGS Assassins? Simply it's a live-action game where players try to eliminate each other in order to be the last (here's a Wikipedia entry for more info). We are looking for people interested in playing for the big prize!
Do you have what it takes to survive in the desolate lands we call Burnside? Are you tough enough to eliminate all obstacles in your way? Then show us what you've got!
We have set up an email account ( for this so send us an email with your name and we will email you your target! Open to undergrads in the geography department.


Field Notes Submissions

Call for submissions! Field Notes, the undergraduate geography journal, is accepting submissions for the 2014-2015 issue. Please submit academic work with geographic relevance to by January 31st.

Please only submit class work with a grade of A- or higher.


"Geography in Action!" on Jan 30th

This Friday Jan 30th, Lorna Harris, a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography, will be sharing with us highlights from her research at noon in Burnside 426 as part of the "Geography in Action!" brown bag seminar series. Her talk is titled "Diamonds, Dragonflies, and Dirt: Peatland research in the Hudson Bay Lowlands." Mark it down in your calendars! Light refreshments will be provided.
"Geography in Action!" talks are fun and informal. It is a great way to learn what graduate research and fieldwork is all about. (see poster attached for more information)

Kanata Journal Submissions

KANATA, the Undergraduate Journal of McGill's Indigenous Studies Community is accepting submissions for its eighth volume! KANATA is an interdisciplinary student-published journal with content (art, academic writing, poetry) that focuses on topics relating to Indigenous Peoples. We are also looking for editors to help out with editing the journal.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested! We can be reached by email at


The Global Development Forum 2015: "The Future is Green"

Interested in Sustainability? Join us at: 
The Global Development Forum 2015: "The Future is Green": Sustainability and Development 
The Global Development Forum is a conference held annually in which expert speakers from McGill University and other institutions are invited to speak with students. This is a great networking opportunity to speak with professionals and fellow classmates in the field of development. 
This year's panel of speakers include: 
  -Jorin Mamen - Executive Director, BioFuelNet Canada
  -Dr. Caroline Begg - Plant Science, McGill University 
  -Salima Visram - Founder, The Soular Backpack
The conference will be held on February 4th in the Redpath Hall from 6:00 to 8:00pm. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Tickets are $10 and dinner will be included. Early bird tickets will be available for $8 starting from January 19th – 25th.  All proceeds are being donated to a local NGO, Borderless World Volunteers. To RSVP please visit the FB event page


Cool Thing of the Week

Is it just me or the GIC feels really hot and steamy at times? Make sure to check out GICrushes for all your global crushes!

How about a year in review in political geography changes? Political Geography Now created a review of the different political changes that happened around the world.


Have a smashing week! See you at 5 pm at Gert's!

Phil Perez Aranguren

VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Rm 305
805 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, QC
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