The End isn't near, it's here.

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1.       MUGS end-of-the-year survey
2.       Honours Program
3.       GeoSpectives: What Can a City do for Immigrants? A Canadian-French Comparison
4.       Field Notes: looking for editors
5.       GIS Job opportunity in Montreal
6.       Geography writing work opportunity for students
7.       Compost suspended until January
8.       Course Evaluations
9.       Cool thing of the week
10.   Managing stress during exams

The End isn't near, it's here.
This is it: the last listserv of 2014 so take a break from studying and enjoy this listserv. Exam season is in full swing and the smell of caffeine and desperation is in the air. We have enjoyed our semester hanging out with you and planning great events but get ready, as the Winter semester will be even better!

Did you enjoy your events in the Fall? Do you wish you have more saying in what will be planned? Are you sick of my listserv? Do you like answering questions?
If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, then this is your time to speak your mind! We are conducting a short end-of-the-year survey so we make your MUGS experience even better. You can fill it out here and we'll read all your answers.

2.      Honours Pogram
Are you a U2 student majoring in Geography with good grades (minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) and a program GPA of 3.3 (B+))? Do you want to gain research experience as an undergrad? Thinking about going to Grad school?
Then consider upgrading your major to an honours!
For more information see our website here, and make an appointment with our undergraduate advisor, Michelle Maillet to begin the process by emailing her at Her office is in Burnside Hall 323.

Date: December 8th, 2014, 3:30-5 p.m. Leacock 738
What Can a City do for Immigrants? A Canadian-French Comparison
Geography Migration Centre—GEOMIGRACE
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Co-sponsored by the Department of Sociology
The social integration of immigrants into their host society has a strong local (and especially urban) dimension, and the attitudes and practices of local councils significantly affect this process and its results. Our research has shown that in Paris (France) the policy of city districts was both influenced by policy at the city level, and on the leaders of local districts. In the case of Montreal (Quebec, Canada), the absence of centralized policy means that local actions are more significant. The approach of the leaders of Montreal is more pragmatic than in Paris, although many statements of philosophical principles exist.

Field Notes is our own undergraduate geography journal! Any research that has been done by any affiliated department is eligible to submit articles that have received a grade of A or A-.
We want work from all aspects of geography – from physical geography to human geography to freestanding maps. Currently, we are looking for assistant directors for our annual edition! So you can send us your CV and a short letter of intent (why you want the position) to or

One of the wonderful advisors over at CaPS sent me a job opportunity that might interest some of you. Here's one for a position in GIS here in Montreal; the information is attached.
She also reminded us that there are many opportunities in mentoring and new job openings so make sure to constantly check out their website over at or visit them in the Brown building Room 2200

We are working to redesign and revamp our site which has been solely a reference style site for 17 years. We are looking to 1) update our geography/atlas content and 2) create a complimentary geography magazine, where we provide a home for well written, well considered, geography type articles, with the overall goal of explaining the world at large to a broad audience.
This is the type of position that is complimentary to a student's studies, and pays well as compared to most campus positions. We're offering between $75-125 per article with a regular demand for content.
If you have questions, I'd be more than happy to answer by emailing

Because of the holiday season, we will not be collecting compost after Sunday Dec. 7th. If you want to drop off you compost before then, we will take care of it. After that date, the bin will be removed and we will only start it up again in the Winter semester. Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity.

8.      Course Evaluations
Course Evaluations for the Fall 2014 semester are open now until December 21, or until December 7 for academic units following the condensed period. Course evaluations are available on Minerva 24/7 during this period.
Course Evaluations are the primary way for instructors and TAs to receive feedback on their teaching. This feedback is used to improve courses and teaching, and is a vital component of the tenure and promotion process. In addition, if minimum response thresholds are met and instructors do not object to access, course evaluation results are available to students through Minerva (direct link here), which helps them with course selection.

If you find something amazing during the holidays, you can still email me and I'll add it to the listserv in the New Year! Also, don't forget to check out the cuties over at GICrushes.
Since we are an island the easiest way to get out is by bridge but luckily, ours aren't as scary as these ones. And if you are a map-aficionado, you'd probably enjoy this article on unmapped places.

The Exam period tends to be a very stressful time for all and it gets particularly hard during this period because many services are in high demand or not fully available so the folks over at McGill Counselling Services have a few initiatives to help out including therapy dogs, yoga and guided relaxation. Here's their website with information on the times.
Also, if you find yourself awake and stressed late at night, McGill Nightline are great at just striking up a conversation to help you during this time. They like to talk about anything and know all the great resources for you so don't hesitate to give them a call at (514) 398-6246

From all of you in MUGS, we wish you a fabulous time with your loved ones during the break and have a Merry Happy!
See you in the new year!
Phil Perez Aranguren
VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Rm 305
805 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, QC
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