The Last Stretch

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1.       GIS Day 2015
2.       Branches Fall Launch Party
3.       Geog/Envi Science Games team
4.       GeoSpectives: Youth Spatial Stories in Montreal and Paris
5.       Artic Field Semester
6.       Barbados Field Course
7.       Get Involved in Research (Info Session)
8.       Engineering Without Borders volunteering opportunity
9.       Grad Photos
10.   Cool thing of the week

The last stretch
Привет!! I promise this is the last time I mention the apartment crawl. Or not, since it was pretty awesome! I was really happy to get to know some of my faithful readers; it was great to see you all have fun and make new bonds. If you have any commentaries or suggestions for future events, let us know! We're open to ideas on how to make events more memorable. Feel free to upload pictures from the evening! #MUGSCrawl2014.

1.      GIS Day 2014
The GIC, in collaboration with the Department of Geography, is organizing GIS day at McGill for 2014. We would like to invite the McGill community to our GIS Day/Geospectives event on November 19, 2014!
Come join us in Burnside Hall 5th floor for the worldwide celebration of "GIS Day", the annual salute to geospatial technology and its power to transform and better our lives. Click here to see the schedule of speakers in BH426, and take note that it will all be followed by a poster competition with Wine and Cheese!
As we are planning our Symposium (5 talks - 15 minutes each) and Poster session (16 posters), we would like to invite you and/or your students to present GIS and Remote Sensing research related topics. In order participate in the events please send an email to with the subject GIS Day Oral Presentation or GIS Day Poster. In the body of the email please write the name of the contributors, title of the project and a 50 word abstract. For those interested in presenting a poster, we will print your poster for free at a maximum size of 3 x 4 feet.
We are looking forward to seeing our McGill community actively taking part in this important event.

2.      Branches Fall Launch Party
Branches, the McGill Undergraduate Environment Journal, is celebrating the launch of its second ever printed publication on November 25th, 2014!
Students, professors, and faculty from all disciplines are invited to join us for food and refreshments from 6pm to 8pm in Burnside 426 in celebration of environmental research and consciousness.
For more information, check out the Facebook group.

3.      Geog/Envi Science Games team
The McGill Science Games are back! Taking place January 22, 23, and 24, 2015, this is a weekend you won't' want to miss! You can check out last year event's here.
The cost of the event is $70, which includes drinks, lunches, events, t-shirt, and lab coat to decorate in the most geographical/environmental way you can think of plus the some of the best memories from your time in McGill!
There are limited spots and registrations are still open so contact David ( or Laura (
You don't have to be in science to participate!

4.      GeoSpectives: Youth Spatial Stories in Montreal and Paris
Date: November 19, 2014, 2:30-3:30 p.m. Burnside 426
Youth Spatial Stories in Montreal and Paris:
A Participatory Multimedia Research Project
Centre Urbanisation Culture Société
INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique)
Too often we speak negatively of youth in immigrant neighborhoods; we emphasize the process of impoverishment that affect these areas. This participatory research aims to provide a different perspective. Instead of looking at decay, we ask what is being (re)constructed, which allows the production of identities and youthful spaces of action. We do this by (1) highlighting the counter-discourses constructed by young people to face the dominant discourse on their "anomie," (2) analyzing the collective spatial histories they build for themselves and between them, (3) exploring power relations, the conditions that constrain or favor youth citizenship and political participation. In Montreal (in the neighborhoods of St-Michel and Little Burgundy) and in Paris (in the suburbs of Aubervilliers and Pantin), youth are producing multimedia guides of their neighborhood which can be uploaded on a telephone. Walking these neighborhoods immersed in the sound and visual scapes proposed by youth provides an entirely different experienced of these "stigmatized" places.

5.      *NEW* Artic Field Semester
There is a new field semester for next year - the Arctic Field Semester - and they are looking for students! The Arctic field semester was tentatively planned for last year but it never got off the ground, and they are hoping to actually make it happen this year. The field course will take place at MARS (McGill Arctic Research Station) in the high Arctic for 3 weeks, with coursework beginning before the fieldwork and continuing for 2-3 weeks after. They are only accepting SIX students.
4 courses at 3 credits each:
ATOC 373 | Arctic Climate and Climate Change
EPSC 373 | Arctic Geology
GEOG 373 | Arctic Geomorphology
and a 3-credit independent research project.
As with the other field semesters, the cost is pricey but also as with other field semesters, grants are available to offset the costs.
Attached is the syllabus and basic information. If you're interested, email Hans Larsson ( ASAP.

6.      Barbados Field Course
GEOG 496 is a field based course located on the island of Barbados, that will be run during the Winter Reading Week of 2015. Bringing together a synthesis of human and physical geography, this course provides an excellent opportunity for students to undertake fieldwork in a Caribbean island state while learning about such diverse topics as the local environment and geological formation, tourism impacts, cultural diversity and the island's unique history. At the same time students gain first hand experience in cross-cultural research, including interviewing, project design, data interpretation and analysis.
There are three documents attached to the listserv with more information on the field course. There will be an information session held in Burnside 308 on Tuesday Nov. 25th at 5 pm with Prof. Meredith. You can also email him at for more information

7.      Get involved in research (Information sessions)
Science students: Want to know how to get involved in research?
Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 2014, 17:00-18:25. Leacock 232
This seminar presents strategies to get involved in research, introduces related resources and services, and features testimonials by McGill students about their own undergraduate research experiences. The target audience is undergraduate science students (B.Sc., B.A. & Sc.). Presented by the (OURS). 
More information: Students who cannot attend are invited to consult  and then contact the Office for Undergraduate Research in Science if they have questions (see contact info online).

Funding for B.Sc. / B.A. & Sc. students to attend or host conferences
The 21st Century Ambassador Fund is a source of a financial assistance to students in the Faculty of Science (including Arts and Science) for the purpose of attending or hosting conferences/competitions of an academic nature, representing McGill science at all levels. This round targets conferences from December 2014 to April 2015, although we will also consider recent conference travel that occurred. (There will be another call for applications in the winter term, to target summer conferences) Applicants are encouraged to fill out the form and submit it to by December 1, 2014.
For more information, please contact us or visit our website at

8.      Engineers Without Border volunteering opportunity
Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada hosts the largest International Development conference in Canada and this year it's happening in Montreal! EWB's National Conference Unite to Unlock is an inspiring gathering of diverse people (not just engineers! Don't be fooled by the name) that are passionate, critical, and hopeful about the world of International Development.
We are looking for volunteers!! Jan 15th-18th 2015
This conference is a great place to learn and think critically about international development, network for jobs with NGO's, and see what's happening in the real world of international development.
As a volunteer you also get to attend a number of workshops for free (in ratio to the amount of hours you volunteer).  A ticket to this conference costs $900 but volunteers come for free!
Interested? Contact Us at to sign up as a volunteer and receive more information about the training session.
For more info on the conference check out  

9.      Grad Photos
Are you leaving us at the end of the school year? Do you like being photographed? Then this is probably for you:
Capture your great achievement for a lifetime of memories with Lassman Studios Photography. Included in your sitting are a minimum of 10 unique online poses from which you can view/order online and an 11x14 copy of your graduating class mosiac.
You must have your photo taken to appear in your respective graduating class mosaic!
Both traditional grad portraits as well as some fun style shots (if desired) will be taken. Gowns, roses, mortorboard, graduating hoods, etc. will be provided on the day of your shoot. You can also choose from over 25 different backgrounds. You can even upload your own background!
Don't miss this great opportunity for Professional Graduation Portraits!
To sign up:
2. Enter mcg15 in the School ID
3. Click on a location/date/time that works best for you and book it!

10.  Cool thing of the week:
I finally got a submission for the cool thing of the week and the sender told me how easy it was to send it: she opened a browser, then went into her email account, typed in the sender line then type in the email with the subject "cool thing of the week" along with the link and why it was 'cool-thing'-worthy.
Have you been spending a lot of time in the GIC but yet don't know the name of that really cute person? Well, wonder no more! A couple of pioneering students interested in helping others find connections in this messy world we call "Burnside 5th floor" have created the space for you: GICrushes.

Have a remarkable week! Don't doubt the power of midday naps.
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VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
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