Fall is here!

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1.       MUGS presents: early Thanksgiving!
2.       Compost bin in the MUGS lounge
3.       Field notes: looking for editors
4.       Last call for lockers
5.       Urban Symposium
6.       The Feast Worldwide
7.       Cool thing of the week

Fall is here!
Hola a todos! Did you get to enjoy this last few gorgeous days we had of summer? I will miss laying in the lower fields basking under the sun instead of spending my days in the GIC studying for midterms. However here at MUGS we will do our best to keep your spirits up in the midst of all the coursework!

1.      MUGS presents: early Thanksgiving!
With Thanksgiving coming up, we decided to give you an early treat. This coming Thursday Oct. 9th, we will be having vegetarian chili, pumpkin pie and other surprises in the MUGS lounge (Burnside 305) between 12-1. You only need to bring your own bowl to enjoy some delicious food!
Also, we will be selling our famous geography tuques for $15 so get ready for the chilly weather ahead

2.      Compost bin in the MUGS lounge
As announced before, we will have a compost bin in the MUGS lounge so you can bring your waster. If you want more information about it, you can contact us or talk to Mayumi, our sustainability officer

3.      Field notes: looking for editors
Field Notes is our own undergraduate geography journal! Any research that has been done by any affiliated department is eligible to submit articles that have received a grade of A or A-. We want work from all aspects of geography – from physical geography to human geography to freestanding maps. Currently, we are looking for assistant directors for our annual edition! So you can write your inquiries to journal.fieldnotes@gmail.com.

4.      Last call for lockers
For those that had lockers last year and left their locks in the lockers without renewing them, we have cut all locks and unclaimed possessions are in the MUGS lounge. If you signed up for a locker for this year but had a lock on it, it should be free now. For any other inquiries, email us

5.      Urban Symposium
On Oct. 18th, the department will be hosting an Urban Symposium between McGill and Tufts University from Boston. There will be discussion on different urban topics and different students from both universities talking about their research. Prof. Sarah Moser is helping organize the event but we still need some students to help with the promotion and to volunteer the day of the event. For more information, you can contact Prof. Moser by email.

6.      The Feast Worldwide
The Feast Worldwide is a global dinner movement focused around collaborating for social impact. On October 11th, thousands of people in 40+ cities will come together over dinner to explore this year's theme: Progress - a world where everyone can be their healthiest selves.
Students are encouraged to attend and participate in developing ideas for concrete change in Montreal. There will be a wide range of speakers and guests present. Guests will be eligible for mentorship as their ideas are seen through the development process. You can check the FB event here: The Feast Worldwide, Montreal 2014

7.      Sharing Thanksgiving
Share Thanksgiving is a community initiative that connects newcomer individuals and families with Canadian individuals and families over Thanksgiving weekend to share a meal. Families sign up at www.sharethanksgiving.ca, a match is made, and the two families share in this tradition together, in the host family's home. Last year, over 4000 people were connected through this program in 10 different Canadian cities. If you're interested in sharing Thanksgiving as either a host or a newcomer, please visit the website for more information.

8.      Cool thing of the week:
As always, you're welcomed to send anything cool or interesting you've found online and we'll share it with everyone. Simply send it over to mcgillgeography@gmail.com
Using satellite imagery, the University of California San Diego created the most detailed map of the ocean floor ever seen. You can go to theguardian.com to check out the interactive map.

Have an excellent week! Thanksgiving is coming soon!
Phil Perez Aranguren
VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Rm 305
805 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, QC
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