Humpday treat: mentors!

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1.       MUGS executive positions: U1 and Sustainability Officer
2.       Graduate Mentorship Program for Undergrad Geography major students
3.       MSURJ is looking for new editors!
4.       Share Thanksgiving
5.       Cool Thing of the Week

Humpday treat: Mentors for everyone!
Bonjour à tous! It was great to get to know some of last Wednesday and I hope everyone had a good time. It was a great success and a little teaser of what we have in store for you this year. Mentorship program applications are due on Sunday!

1.      MUGS executive positions: U1 and Sustainability Officer
Thank you for those who showed their interest in joining MUGS; we wished we had more positions to fill but we couldn't fit everyone. Without further ado, here are your new executives:
-          U1 representative(s):
Amelia Kiyoko Peres and William Gleckner
-          Sustainability Officer:
Mayumi Suzuki
If you are a U1 or interested in sustainability, they are your go-to executives! I'm sure they are more than happy to get to know you.

2.      Graduate Mentorship Program for Undergrad Geography major students
This is the last stretch for applications for the program!
Announcing the launch of the McGill Geography Undergraduate-Graduate mentorship program! The aim of this program is to help undergraduate students figure out 'what's next' by having them talk to a grad student mentor. Despite the long title, the idea is simple: you spend an hour or two a month talking to a grad student in Geography about their life, work, career path, interest. You might discuss grad school, work, travel, or other aspects of post graduate life and how to prepare for it, based on their experience. They are not 'experts' in life, nor will they be a tutor for coursework, etc. But many of them got their start because some older, wiser person took time out of their day to talk to them about it.
Forms are available in this listserv or electronically on the website below so you have no excuse not to register for this wonderful program! They are due by Sept 28th.  For more information, visit our webpage, or email

3.      MSURJ is looking for new editors!
The McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal (MSURJ) is a student-run initiative whose mission is to promote and publish undergraduate research. We are currently looking for new members to join this year's editorial board. The deadline for applications is on Sept 30th. For more details, visit

4.      Share Thanksgiving
Share Thanksgiving is a community initiative that connects newcomer individuals and families with Canadian individuals and families over Thanksgiving weekend to share a meal. Families sign up at, a match is made, and the two families share in this tradition together, in the host family's home. Last year, over 4000 people were connected through this program in 10 different Canadian cities. If you're interested in sharing Thanksgiving as either a host or a newcomer, please visit the website for more information. Look how happy it made these two!

5.      The Feast Worldwide
The Feast Worldwide is a global dinner movement focused around collaborating for social impact. On October 11th, thousands of people in 40+ cities will come together over dinner to explore this year's theme: Progress - a world where everyone can be their healthiest selves.
Students are encouraged to attend and participate in developing ideas for concrete change in Montreal. There will be a wide range of speakers and guests present. Guests will be eligible for mentorship as their ideas are seen through the development process. You can check the FB event here: The Feast Worldwide, Montreal 2014

6.      Cool Thing of the Week
Every week, we have a link to some cool finding usually related to a geography topic. If you want to send something cool you found, email us at
This YouTube video shows different parts of the world as seen from the International Space State; it has Expedition 38 crew members Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio as they look at various cities across the globe.
Happy hump-day. Enjoy a nice run outside!
Phil Perez, VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Rm 305
805 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, QC
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