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  1. Sugar Shack
  2. MUGS 2013-2014 Applications!
  3. MUGS Exec Positions Q&A (with cookies!)
  4. Earth System Science Seminar
  5. World Wildlife Fund Internships Available
  6. Part Time Lab Job

Hey there Geographers! I'm sure you've been dying to read this week's listserv, I know I always am! I hope everyone in Raster has fully recovered from this week's two-part midterm. Also, it's Pi Day tomorrow! (March 14 – 3.14) Isn't that awesome? I hope you spend this Pi day with your loved ones.


There are now less than 10 people left in Assassins. Tensions are rising. Who will fall?

Sugar Shack

The Cabane a Sucre is a unique Quebec experience found nowhere else on earth. Come see how real Canadian maple syrup is made, sample the delicious traditional cuisine, and have a romping good time dancing and drinking beer! We will be collaborating with Environment and the Geography Grad students (mentors and mentees, this is a great way to get to know each other in a more intimate setting). We'll be selling tickets during office hours which will be every day from 11:30-1 unless otherwise specified on the facebook group!

So after working out a few kinks, here are the final details of Sugar Shack:

Thursday, March 21. Meet at Roddick gates at 5pm

Tickets: $15


Photo contest

Photo contest submissions are now officially closed. Stay tuned for the winner!

MUGS 2013-2014 Applications!

Be part of an exciting new year of MUGS executives and play a role in the academic and social happenings of Geography!

This year there is a new position available on MUGS: Field Notes Editor-in-Chief

The Editor in Chief will be in charge of assembling an editorial team in the Fall, promoting the journal, maintaining the budget, coordinating events, and liaising with journal editors, MUGS, the Department of Geography, and other organizations, in addition to fulfilling other general MUGS tasks.

If you want to apply for the Editor-in-Chief position, please send your resume along with a short essay to mcgillgeography@gmail.com.

The essay should include: 

1) Previous editorial, leadership, and organizational experience

2) Why is an undergraduate journal important for the department?

And be no longer than 350 words. The top 3 applicants will be invited for interviews.

You can apply for the Editor-in-Chief position or any of the following positions on the MUGS Executive for next year:

President (1-2 people)




AUS- Representative

U3-Representative (1-2 people)

U2-Representation (1-2 people)

Find more info on the roles of each position and how to apply in the attached application! 

Deadline: Monday, March 25th by 5PM, submitted in the MUGS lounge

(Applications for Journal Editors, Sustainability Officers, and U1 Representatives for the 2013-14 school year will be available in Fall 2013.)

MUGS Exec Positions Q&A (with cookies!)

Are you considering running for MUGS exec next year, but aren't really sure what we do?  Come to the MUGS lounge Monday March 18 at 5 PM for a half hour question and answer period with our current exec to learn more about what is involved in each position, and what we actually do on MUGS!  There will be cookies!

Earth System Science Seminar

The second McGill earth system science seminar will take place this Tuesday, March 19th in the Redpath Museum Auditorium! Dr. Christopher Kennedy from University of Toronto will be speaking, his topic is "The Global Impacts of Cities". Hope to see you all there!

World Wildlife Fund Internships Available

There's a whole slew of Internships available at the United States World Wildlife Fund (WWF). They are typically designed for grad students but some may be appropriate for undergrads. The internships are typically unpaid. To qualify for an unpaid internship, the student must provide documentation that they are receiving credit from their university, or that the work they will be performing is consistent with a course requirement. All the positions are described in greater detail in the attached word document.

Part Time Lab Job

There's a cool part-time job opportunity available for undergrads with Elena Bennet's lab on ecosystem services. Student ambassadors will be expected to work 3-5 hours per week during the semester at $10-12 per hour. Start date will be as soon as possible, with the possibility of continuing to full-time work during the summer of 2013. For more info, follow this link: http://bennettlab.weebly.com/current-opportunities.html

Cool Thing of the Week

If you ever wanted to visit Utah, now you can from the comfort of your computer screen! Dozens of 360-degree panoramic shots to whirl around in. Check out the Salt Flats.




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