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Hey guys,

Hope you're all keeping your heads above water and dealing well with the stress that always comes around this time of year, watching the Vancouver Canucks choke in the playoffs....and exams/papers/projects, of course. A couple of MUGS events in the next week and a bit, to remind you of what truly matters...food and drinks!

i) PIZZA IN THE LOUNGE: Stop by tomorrow to celebrate the (almost but not quite) end of classes, starting at 1 pm!

ii) MUGS END OF THE YEAR PARTY: Friday, April 20th at 10 pm, at the house of our esteemed AUS representative, Malcolm Araos-Egan, at 720 Rue de L'Epee up in Outremont!

iii) PIC OF THE WEEK YEAR!: The winner of our photo contest, Kaitlyn Anne Harris (Congratulations!!) took this gem in New Zealand- http://i.imgur.com/VkN7J.jpg check out all of the other great pictures on the facebook group! This one, by person unknown (to me) in location unknown (also to me) got my vote: http://i.imgur.com/QJw2D.jpg.

iv) MAP OF THE WEEK: Kind of underwhelming for the final map, but it's still kinda cool - http://i.imgur.com/k0YAm.png a map by Robert Kosara of all of the Zip Codes in the Continental US connected to one another in order...see if you can find where they cross from one state to the next!

v) VOTE IN THE SSMU REFERENDA: Go to this website to cast your vote on two very important issues- https://ovs.ssmu.mcgill.ca/ You should do it quickly, your vote turns into a pumpkin if not cast before Monday!

It's been real, have a great summer everyone!


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