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Hey all,

How about the hot weather joining us on the unlimited strike, eh?! I slay myself...jokes aside, plenty of news this week. Let's get to it:

i) GEO GA TAKE TWO: For a renewal of the strike vote and any other motion that may be presented, we'll be having our second ever General Assembly tomorrow (Tuesday, March 27th) night at 6pm. Once again it'll be taking place in Burnside 708. Come out and voice your opinion!

ii) A MESSAGE FROM THE STRIKE COMMITTEE: A few words from your friendly department strike committee organizers...

Hello Geographers!

This in from tuitiontruth.ca<http://tuitiontruth.ca>
"Over 200,000 students from across Quebec descended on Montreal [Thursday] for a march that stretched for 1.5 km and paralyzed the downtown core for more than 4 hours. In numbers, it was the largest protest in Quebec history and the largest student protest ever in North America. Organizers of the march included CLASSE and the student federations, FEUQ and FECQ. No violence was reported, as riot police kept their distance from the marchers. No arrests have been confirmed.

"The student strike is now the largest in Quebec history, with 308,723 students participating. Close to 200,000 of these have unlimited strike mandates."

So congratulations to all participants!!! We made history!!

As you all hopefully know by now, MUGS is on unlimited general strike as of the 22nd.
There will be a renewal vote tomorrow, 27 March, 6pm, Burnside Hall room 708.
We need you all to be there since this GA will determine whether or not Geography renews its strike mandate, and if it is renewed, whether or not to up the pressure. Quorum is set yet again at 40. Lets surpass that.

As a Strike Committee, we are planning fun, educational activities in support of the student movement. Last week, at our first meeting which everyone was invited to, we decided to use soft tactics of mobilization (pamphlets, class announcements, posters, outings and soft picketing).

Stay tuned for more info, or join us through geog.strikecommittee@gmail.com<mailto:geog.strikecommittee@gmail.com>
or the facebook group (search: Geography Undergrad Strike Committee)

The Undergraduate Geography Strike Committee

iii) MUGS ELECTIONS: I'll let the MUGS Elections CRO handle this one, Good luck candidates!

The nominations are in, and here are your candidates for MUGS 2012/13!!!
*note: all positions marked acclaimed will not be campaigning

--Stephanie Austin
--Daniel Haberman
--Peter Sinnott

VP Communication (acclaimed)
--Julia Schertzer

VP Finance (acclaimed)
--Adrienne Pacini

AUS Rep (acclaimed)
--Josh Fagen

SUS Rep (acclaimed)
--Esther Bogorov

U3 Rep (acclaimed)
--Malcolm Araos-Egan
--Alyssa Wilbur

U2 Rep (acclaimed)
--Melissa McBride
--Emory Shaw

For those in the presidential race, they will be campaigning beginning
Tuesday morning at 9am, and can campaign until Wednesday evening
at midnight. This may involve speaking to students, Facebook events,
campaign posters, etc. Thursday morning, voting will open until Sunday
evening at 5pm.

Votes can be emailed at this time to

geographyelections@gmail.com<mailto:geographyelections@gmail.com>. PLEASE EMAIL FROM YOUR MCGILL EMAIL ADDRESS, AND INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME, FACULTY, MAJOR/MINOR, AND STUDENT ID #.

You may vote for up to 2 (TWO) presidential candidates--the top two
candidates will receive the position of Co-President for the 2012/13

As always, if you have any questions please email

geographyelections@gmail.com<mailto:geographyelections@gmail.com>. And don't forget, positions for U1 Rep(s) and Sustainability Rep(s) will open early next year!

iv) GEC3 SEMINAR: This coming Friday, at 3:30, Dr. Andrew Paterson from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment will be giving a talk entitled "Evidence of recent environmental change in lakes in the Hudson Bay Lowlands"...check it out, it takes place in Burnside 426!

v) PIC OF THE WEEK: A heart shaped pond in a forest on Hokkaido, Japan - http://www.flickr.com/photos/nunoflickr/6157281169/sizes/l/in/photostream/<http://www.flickr.com/photos/54935950@N02/6157281169/lightbox>

vi) MAP OF THE WEEK: A map from Toronto to Quebec City showing ratios of English-French Google results for each location - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-VJXx_9JAfCE/TjuqzpcJ75I/AAAAAAAAKOg/uI6cfkkFS0Q/s1600/Canada_en_fr_gradient.png

Have a great week,


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