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Hey all,

Unfortunately last night's GA was unable to make quorum (40 people). This means that today there will be another GA at 6 pm in Burnside 708, where, if quorum is reached, there will be a vote on whether or not to continue the general strike for another 5 days. If quorum is again not reached tonight, there will be online voting available from tomorrow to Saturday (voting will be done by e-mailing geographyelections@gmail.com).

Just another reminder, that tomorrow voting for MUGS co-presidents starts as well (lasting until Sunday at 5)...and we're also accepting nominations for Prof of the Year until then as well. So, if necessary (meaning if quorum isn't reached tonight), you'll be able to kill/accidentally injure 3 birds with one e-mail (strike continuation vote, co-president vote, and prof of the year nomination)! Yay for shortcuts...Look out for more info tomorrow!

All the best,


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