Wine and Cheese, Clothing, Geoassassins and more!

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Happy February, geogiraffers! First, I encourage you all to go check out the sparkling(?) clean, spiffed up lounge on the third floor, and don't forget about coffee & cookies every Monday at 12:30. Now, let's get down to business:

i) WINE AND CHEESE: It's already this coming WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 8TH from 5-7 in Burnside 426! A great chance to meet and discuss both geothings and non-geothings with fellow students and faculty members alike.

ii) CLOTHING: Both the selection and the order forms are attached, and we'll be holding office hours throughout this upcoming week in the lounge so you can bring them in with cheque/cash. Come by anytime between 11-1 (Monday to Wednesday), 1-3 on Thursday, or 11-3 on Friday. E-mail us if you have any questions!

iii) CURLING: Still happening at a curling rink in Baie d'Urfe, against environment on March 4th; e-mail us if you're interested in being a part of team Geography.

iv) MCGILL GEOGRAPHY SURVEY: It's short and sweet, but let us know as much as you'd like. check it out-<>

v) SUGAR SHACK: Taking place on March 16th, keep an eye out for tickets being sold most likely right after Reading Week.

vi) GEOASSASSINS: If you want to be a part of the ruckus that will be hitting Burnside and other geography hotspots once this starts send an e-mail to by THIS SUNDAY!

vii) CUBAN FIELDCOURSE: A great sounding opportunity through the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences program taking place in Cuba for two weeks in May! The main focus will be on sustainable agriculture and food security....have to sign up by February 15th. And note that this doesn't count towards the geography programs, it would make for an amazing elective/experience though!
viii) LIBRARY IMPROVEMENT FUND: Have a suggestion to improve the GIC? They have a very large budget to help make it happen! send them an e-mail with your suggestion at

ix) MAP OF THE WEEK: What if what's dry was wet and what's wet was dry? Check out the inverted world map- <>

x) PIC OF THE WEEK: From National Geographic, it's Chikuminuk Lake in Alaska, with some stunning reflections -

Wishing you a great end of the week,

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