Wine & Cheese, McGill Geography clothing, and more!

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Happy Thursday afternoon everyone,

A few very exciting events in the next month or so, so read on!

i) WINE AND CHEESE: Come to the annual Wine and Cheese event happening on Wednesday afternoon, February 8th in Burnside 426! There will be plenty of both wine and cheese available for all, and it's a great opportunity to interact with other geography students and faculty members! I'll keep you posted on exact times next week.
ii) CLOTHING: It's about that time again this can check out the clothing selection and order forms attachments, we're hoping to hold office hours for orders to be handed in during the week of February 6th-10th. So you have plenty of time but you don't have plenty of time, you know? Also, we're hoping to order touques too, so there might be yet another form coming your way.

iii) CURLING: Geography vs. Environment epic showdown taking place at the Baie d'Urfe curling club on Sunday, March 4th! Let us know if you'd like to be on the team! Should be really exciting, at least relative to the average curling match (draw?).

iv) OTHER EVENTS: Sugar Shack with some other friendly departmental associations will be taking place on Friday, March 16th, so stay tuned for more info about that...and we'll be sending out more on GeoAssassins in the next couple of weeks too.

v) SUS ACADEMIA WEEK: This seems like an appropriate place to say sorry for sending this out so late...there are still a couple of sweet talks and workshops for you to catch, though! Check it out:

vi) MAP OF THE WEEK: Here's a great yet crude map which shows the trend for language groups throughout the world to expropriate their name for the bird Meleagris gallopavo (what we call a turkey) from their name for an exotic country-

vii) PIC OF THE WEEK: An amazing, background worthy, picture of New York's midtown(?) skyline -

Hoping you have a great weekend,


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