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(A final) hellooo Geographers!!
The end of the semester is nearly here! Take a break and check it out:

i) COURSE EVALS: Let's get the nagging out of the way first- please please do your course evals- today is the LAST DAY to complete them. They are super helpful to profs and other students for future years, so please get your thoughts and constructive criticisms in by tonight at midnight!

ii) UNDERGRAD RESEARCH: The Second annual faculty of arts undergraduate research event will be held FEBRUARY 1, 2012 and is SEEKING PARTICIPANTS. The Event will highlight the achievements of undergraduate students across the Faculty who have produced or contributed to high-quality research.
This will be an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students with completed or in-progress research to share their work with their peers and the McGill community. If you are interested in participating please submit the submission form by this FRIDAY DECEMBER 9 to mat.lyle@mcgill.ca. Your research does not have to be complete in order to make a submission. Students in all programs and departments within the Faculty of Arts are invited to participate in and attend the event.
More information: www.mcgill.ca/arts-undergraduate-research/event.
To see presentations and photos from last year's event see: http://www.mcgill.ca/arts-undergraduate-research/event/2011.
Please contact mat.lyle@mcgill.ca with any questions.

iii) Association of American Geographers: If any of you are attending the AAG meeting (www.aag.org/cs/annualmeeting) in NYC this February and are interested in participating in the Geography Bowl competition, please contact Prof. Sebastien Caquard at Concordia who is organizing a Quebec team (scaquard@alcor.concordia.ca<mailto:scaquard@alcor.concordia.ca>).

iv) JOB: Here's an interesting job offer, geographers! It's with an organization called MapAction who is very involved (and extremely helpful) with providing mapping services to the humanitarian community during an emergency. If this is something you might be interesting in, check it out:

v) Map of the week: A cool interactive map of some disappearing languages throughout the world

vi) Picture of the week: Montreal area at night

Well, this will be my last listserv to all you wonderful people, so thank you all for being one of the best, most friendly, enthusiastic, and involved groups of people there are- keep it up Geographers! And keep your eyes and ears open for lots more MUGS events coming next semester!

Good luck with exams, don't panic (too much), and remember to take some time to have fun and relax in there too! Enjoy the holidays!



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