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Hey Geopeople,

Here are some reminders from last week, but also some new stuff, check it out:

i) APARTMENT CRAWL through the biomes!!: What could be better than partying your way through the Savanna, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic AND the Jungle all in one night?! (this means costumes, people!) Get ready, geographers, for the beloved Geography Apartment Crawl!! The big day is FRIDAY! We will meet in the lounge (Burnside 305) from 6:30 - 7 for sign-in and pizza, and then will head out on our adventure at 7 PM SHARP! Non-alcoholic drinks and munchies will also be served at each location!
TICKETS - on sale for $10 (or $12.50 with a transit ticket) in the lounge everyday this week from 11-1!
** Tickets will only be available for geography students (majors/minors) first, and will later be opened to other departments if there are still available tickets in the last couple of days. We will keep you updated!

ii) GIS DAY: Mark your calendars- WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 16th from 2:30pm - 5:30pm, join us in celebrating GIS day! MUGS will be hosting some GIS experts from McGill and beyond, who will be giving presentations about how they use GIS for their studies/jobs etc. This is a great way to see how YOU could become involved with GIS work, how you can incorporate it into your studies or job, or just for you to socialize with geographers and learn something new!

There will be a mini-reception after with sweet and savoury treats from Organic Campus (gotta love that sweet potato cinnamon bread) as well as an opportunity to enter a draw and win some ESRI swag. Thanks ESRI!
Finally, there will be a GIS challenge for those who are just SUPER into GIS! More details TBA, but get a team of 2+ together if you're interested, no need to sign up yet! All proceeds from the day will go towards the winner's charity of choice!

iii) SCIENCE SEMI-FORMAL TICKETS: MUGS's SUS representative has a few tickets available for purchase for the SUS semi-formal this Friday ...the cost is $85 for dinner and dancing, and $45 for the dance only. E-mail us at mcgillgeography@gmail.com if you're interested, please let us know by Thursday!

iv) MAP OF THE WEEK: http://i.imgur.com/MhEDy.jpg ...the most popular boys and girls baby names for each country in Europe!

v) PICTURE OF THE WEEK: http://i.imgur.com/Gs3d3.jpg just because, right around now, winter starts to seem so far away.

Have a great week!


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