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Hello again geographers!

A couple of quick things to add to this week's listserv!

i) The McGill Sustainability Symposium is an initiative that convenes faculty, students, and global academic leaders for a discussion of current research in the field of sustainability. The University's first edition in 2011 was a success and we are currently seeking undergraduate students to fill this year's coordinating team. The position will involve a variety of planning tasks and has the potential to be paid. If you are interested in learning more about the project, please contact Camille Ouellet Dallaire and Sarah Wilson at camille.ouelletdallaire@mail.mcgill.ca<mailto:camille.ouelletdallaire@mail.mcgill.ca> and sarah.wilson@mail.mcgill.ca<mailto:sarah.wilson@mail.mcgill.ca>. We thank you for your interest! For more information about the symposium and last year's edition, check our website at www.mcgillsustainabilitysymposium.wordpress.com<http://www.mcgillsustainablitysymposium.wordpress.com/>.
From MUGS --> This was tons of fun and very interesting, to both attend and be a part of, so if you're at all interested, send them an email!

ii) Be sure to check out the SUS GRAD FAIR on November 2nd, held in the Shatner Ballroom. See http://mcgillgeography.blogspot.com for more details!



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