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Helloooo geographers! Hope everyone's summers have gotten off to a great start!

Here's some info on a few courses offered next year that don't have descriptions online yet:

i) GEOG 407 (Web Mapping and GIS): Geographic Mashups and beyond. This course will introduce you to the essential new tools of Web GIS, including Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), cloud computing, WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Javascript) and possibly Python and the iPhone software development kit (SDK). It also covers new data sources, including web scraping and use of the Twitter stream. Students will build applications in the course. GEOG 201 is required. Prior computer programming is useful. This course will serve as a substitute for 307 for the GIS Minor.

ii) GEOG 514 (currently listed as GEOG 541): A new graduate level course offered by Dr. James Ford, titled "Climate change vulnerability & adaptation." Description: A critical examination of: the theoretical and conceptual evolution of climate change vulnerability and adaptation research; methodological developments from the role of model-driven assessments to the rise of participatory case study research, and the integration of vulnerability research into adaptation planning.

iii) GEOG 540: Topics in Geography 1, will be offered as a special topics course by Dr. Jeanine Rhemtulla in the Winter 2012 term. Title: Landscape Ecology. Description: Introduction to current concepts, methods, and applications in landscape ecology, a discipline that focuses broadly on the interactions between spatial pattern and process in landscapes. Course will include lectures, discussion of classic and recent papers, and hands-on lab exercises to provide experience with key quantitative methods and tools. Pre-requisites: GEOG203 or equivalent ecology course.

That's it for now!



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