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Welcome back geographers!
Here are some great events coming up to help you get back into the swing of things!

i) First of all-- since we love geographers, we decided to have an impromptu pizza
party THIS FRIDAY under the excuse of things like "welcome back" and "this could
also be a book swap sort of thing".. the point is, FREE PIZZA this Friday in the
lounge at 12:30 because we like you. Be there!

ii) Curling bonanza! Sunday Jan. 23rd, join us for an environment vs Geography curling
trip, from 11:30 to 4pm at the Baie d'Urfe Curling Club. Both staff and students
are welcome! $10 per person for a day of fun and of course bragging rights! Contact
mcgillgeography@gmail.com for tickets this week, and office hours will be held next
week in the lounge as well. There are a limited number of tickets so get yours soon!

iii) Interested in sustainability? The Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability,
"Redefine. Redesign. Rebusiness" is taking place Jan 20-22. Focusing on the current
and future changes of the business world relating to the three realms of Sustainability
and how they will affect your upcoming careers. Please note that most material is
also relevant to non-business students. Bill McKibben and Peter G. Brown will be speaking,
along with others TBA soon. Registration is now open! You can register online at
www.mcgilldbcs.com/registration, or for more info contact info@mcgilldbcs.com

iv) Library Tours and Workshops from our Geography Liaison Librarians: Julie Jones and
Andrea Miller-Nesbitt! Beginning this week and continuing until January 20th,
these workshops are designed to introduce the Library's collection and services to new
and returning students. The 'Getting Started' workshop will be particularly useful for
newer students and will teach you how to navigate the Library's website and catalogue,
and some basic search techniques. The 'Finding the Right Stuff' workshop focuses on
finding and evaluating scholarly articles. Times and locations of the workshops can be
found at: http://www.mcgill.ca/library/library-assistance/classes/. Take advantage
of these resources, geographers!

v) Keep your eyes open for these MUGS events coming soon:
Geography clothing sale
Wine and cheese
CV and cover letter workshop
and skating and movie nights are in the works!

Hope everyone had restful and fun holidays, and have a great start to the semester!


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