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Hello Geographers!

i) A final reminder that Geography Clothing is NOW available!!! We will be selling zip-up hoodies, pull-over hoodies , T-shirts (Tri-blend, organic cotton and regular) AND totebags. Attached is a detailed list of styles and prices, as well as an order form.Today is the LAST DAY! You can drop by the MUGS lounge from 12-2 to place your order. If you are unable to make it during these times, you can drop off your order form and a check in the MUGS mailbox in the geography office on the 7th floor of Burnside.

ii) Are you interested in Climate change, global warming, and environmental studies? If so, come and learn about the current issues in those areas and Graduate School Information from McGill, University of Toronto, and University of Waterloo!

Climate Change & Environmental Sciences Information Seminar: Wednesday, April 7, 2010 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at OttoMaass Room 10. Refreshments will be served.
Prof. Gail Chmura

Prof. Uli Wortmann

Prof. Johanna Wandel

iii) COURSE EVALUATIONS MATTER: The system is available 24/7 from Monday March 22 to Wednesday April 14, 2010 for courses following the regular schedule. Students can access their course evaluations in Minerva/ Student Menu/Mercury Online Course Evaluations/Submit your course evaluations. Please take the time to fill them out!

did you know...
1) Course evaluation results from previous terms are available in Minerva/ Student Menu/Mercury Online Course Evaluations/View course evaluation results.

2) Students may now "opt-out" of evaluations for one or more courses. By doing so, they no longer receive reminders and we can better understand their reasons if they provide comments. This is easy to do by clicking the "Decline Course Evaluation" button for a specific course.

3) No questionnaire is longer than 25 items, and students may choose to answer only those questions they wish—it really is quick to provide your feedback.

In order for us to ensure that the system responds to student and instructor needs for information, it would be extremely helpful if students would take the time to communicate if the current system is not meeting their needs. This can be done easily with the opt-out feature now available—simply click the "Decline Course Evaluation" button for a specific course and then follow the link to the anonymous survey where students may provide us with details of why they do not wish to evaluate the course. This is the only way we have to obtain the information necessary to improve the system.


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